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Surely you have already realized that  numbers can appear in strange ways in our lives.  And if you have previously gone through some huge  “coincidences” sometimes in your journey, you are not alone.

Those “coincidences” certainly led you to question what’s the power behind numbers.

And that’s good, since curiosity is one of the greatest Consciousness’ tools in order to try to awaken us from the dream named LIFE (as you know it here).

Speaking of curiosity, try to go to Google and type: “42 meaning”.   You’ll get surprised with the answer – and that is definitely NOT a joke, I assure you.

Well, be aware that those reincident numbers aren’t a mere coincidence. 
Either you were expecting (conciously or unconsciously) some outcome related to a certain number – and so you attracted that scenario with your own power of creating your apparent reality – or then you undergone something you would end up labeling as supernatural. I mean, sometimes strange and uncommon happenings take place in our life because it was the way found by a higher part of us to warn us about something important.

But hey, whatever is the case, the experience always has its purpose, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t figure it out. You will have infinite evolutive opportunities precisely because you are an eternal Being, you will always have endeless ways of getting back to that Source which created both you and me…. and everything else.

However, whatever is your case in special, be aware that if a determined number in special PERSISTS and keeps showing up AGAIN AND AGAIN in your everyday life, then it’s  because you yourself – with your own power – are now bending your apparent “reality” and creating such circumstances, you are (consciously or unconsciously) EXPECTING that.

Be aware that what you focus on, expands – I mean, whatever you put your attention into, you make it bigger.

You’re much more powerful than you can imagine, you create ALL of your apparent reality.

Actually, you create your world and you ARE also a world apart. 

Understand that once you are the Creator (and simultaneously the creature) of your own experience, if you casually developed a STRONG BELIEF that a particular number can help/damage you, then voilà, you yourself will make that happen with your own power to create anything (even if that belief was brought from another existence of yours).

You are a slice of God and simultaneously the whole God Himself/Herself, in a process where the part contains the whole (as in holograms – make your research on that).

Be aware that THOUGHTS, WORDS,  ACTIONS and FEELINGS create your apparent reality. Even so, each one of these will always follow your BELIEFS (be them good or not, suitable or distorted ones).

Therefore, it’s right to say, ultimately, that your BELIEFS create your world! 

And the same applies to all areas of your life, whoever and wherever you are.  Even  scientists are subject to that, because they also “bend the reality” of their outcomes according to their expectations (no matter if their expectations are conscious or unconscious) – although most of the scientists are far from believing in such things, even when Quantum Physics theories clearly point in that direction (see “Space-Time and Beyond”, Bob Toben and PhD Fred Alan Wolf).

Whatch your beliefs!

From now on, don’t be so obsessed to numbers anymore. Pay attention to them only if you feel your intuition asking to do so, but don’t be slave of numbers.

The TRUE POWER is inside of you, not inside them!!!! It’s you who are creating your whole reality – me included inside it now while passing all of that on!



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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Shirene Thianá says:



  2. Dev says:

    There is only one number that matters and its 9.
    9 is love and love is. All
    Reduce duality into singular by just adding.
    9/9 (9+9=18 1+8=9


    1. Jorge Zahell says:

      Hi Dev. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
      As I said inside the post, numbers have the importance we give them, because each person creates his/her own world and also is a world apart. I mean, each person creates their Apparent Reality — that’s what Consciousness stands for!
      That said, what if I tell you the number ZERO could be chosen as one of the most important ones? It is the beginning and the infinite simultaneously, since it has no end as a circle. And that’s why a circle (a ring) was the best way chosen to express love.
      But since you create your scenario of Life (me included at this moment), preferences about numbers are eventually a personal matter.
      For me, the number 42 guided my best choices for decades — and sometimes it still does. The thing is that NOW I am consciously AWARE that I myself create all of that, even when I don’t understand all of it while I’m temporarily expressing myself as a human being.
      Be aware that since beliefs ultimately create your Apparent Reality, if you believe a number can harm/help you, then it REALLY DOES!
      You are powerful!!!!
      You are not only what you see reflected in the mirror.
      As a conclusion, if you are comfortable with your beliefs about number 9 — and if such path seems to be good to you — then keep that belief as a truth, but always taking into account that this is YOUR TRUTH (even that a temporary one).


  3. bfdnpkudei says:

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  4. xkykjtfihb says:

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  5. jcrvenmgbr says:

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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    1. Jorge Zahell says:

      Hola, qué tal?
      No hacemos sesiones.


  6. mrtfsrfvhk says:

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  7. qwjkmfqzmq says:

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    1. Jorge Zahell says:

      No hacemos sesiones. ¡Gracias!


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