Why doesn’t passion last?


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You have certainly noticed that there is a consensus that passion between two people doesn’t last long…. That may even be NORMAL here in our world, but it’s not NATURAL!

The thing is, a person basically falls in love with the positive DIFFERENCES (real or imaginary) that he(she) perceives in the other person. Understand that despite the sentence “Like attracts like” is correct, it’s also a fact that what makes another person really fascinating to us are always the higher aspects of the Being that she expresses – whether they are real or wrongly credited to her by ourselves. We then start to admire the bearer (or supposedly bearer) of these DIFFERENT qualities – because we also want that for us – and so an enormous desire to be with her emerges. Deep down we are all complete, we just haven’t yet learned to express that divinity inherent to everyone.

In the next stage, after a couple has already fallen in love and one orbits the other, these differences between them tend to balance, either because many illusions are undone or because one is absorbing the other’s qualities, automatically incorporating one another.

Over time – and without enough Stimuli that instill a continuous fascination in the companion – that initial Magic no longer has the strength of yore, and the passion cools down.

But people fall in such a pitfall just because they consider it’s NORMAL to remain stagnant in their own evolution, even if it’s not NATURAL. Well, while NORMAL is what comes from the Relative (from habits of people), NATURAL comes from the Absolute. And the Soul never settles for what is merely NORMAL. Your TRUE SELF is always trying to help your TEMPORARY SELF (you, as you know yourself here) to manifest a different and more charming facet – as long as you want it, of course.

It turns out that by failing to tune into this Essence, the person isn’t able to expand their connection with their ORIGINAL SELF. And then, that exciting charm of yours – that used to captivate the loved person – will naturally end up losing strength, and if you don’t react, the moment will come when she will want to walk away, taken by life to a new stage with the possibility of opening herself up to another romance, given that her passion for you has turned into affection, without that rapture from before.

But she will only open herself up to another love experience in case of having a healthy self-esteem, because otherwise she may be set in her ways (along with you) in a conventional and ordinary relationship, condemning both to remain stagnant and attached to values, conditionings and judgments already overcome for those who have self-love.

Sad? It’s an evolutionary mechanism of Life! And we need it to be that way in order to inspire us to grow in wisdom, love, happiness and understanding. Only in this way do we overcome the common and reach the regions of our Being that belong to us, coming out of the condemnation of expressing ourselves in such an uninteresting and unmagical way for those we wish to orbit us! This is a FACT! Therefore, all we can do is to EVOLVE ALWAYS. However – given the countless other evolutionary challenges pertinent to each one or even to the couple itself – only the constant individual evolution will not ensure the couple’s cohesion. But, without that, it’s certainly unfeasible…. hence the existence of so much marital unhappiness.

The most charming and fascinating people are those who express a constant metamorphosis, always showing a different facet, renewing and reinventing themselves like chameleons, almost without repeating themselves. And this magic is available to anyone – as long as you expand your channels of connection to your HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, allowing your Higher Self to manifest itself at will.

And then, new friend!

Would you like to become such an enchanted and charming person?

So…. Come with me!


This text above was taken from the synopsis of my book “THE PASSIONATE MAN’S HANDBOOK – Book 1”.

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