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Songs originate from harmonious sound arrangements that come from a higher dimension. When properly captured by the keen intuition of some professionals in the area, they can help us touch our souls, can transport us to another world because they are able to put us in touch with other perceptions of our Being, in touch with feelings that transcend time and space.

Recently many people asked me to describe which song has impacted me the most in life. Well, I admit that when I was young I wasn’t very into music. But today, much more connected in the soul, I realize that there are countless of them that thrill me to tears, that make me rescue fantastic memories. However, there is one song in particular, one that since my youth reminded me of something I had not experienced yet – apparently.

It is the music that for the first time made me transcend my physical world and touch my soul. Before explaining everything that has happened to me since then, let’s go to the song: EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE, released in 1983 by THE POLICE. Click here to watch the video and then follow below the story of this song within my life.

Song “EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE” permeating my life – JORGE ZAHELL

It was late at night on a Saturday evening in 1991, and I was with my girlfriend in a club named BATURITÉ, in the city of Balneário Camboriú, southern Brazil. Suddenly a song started to take me out of that place, even though my body remained there. I felt it was something that came from another sphere, a feeling of utmost love conveyed by this beautiful song from The Police, a hit in the 80s but still strong in the 90s.

It felt more like a call…. I felt some supreme female Being contacting me. And it definitely had nothing to do with my girlfriend, the feeling I was experiencing went way beyond my courtship.

Ahhhh…. I confess it was overwhelming! I went into ecstasy and I didn’t want to think about anything else nor get out of there. When I came back into myself, I was feeling so superb and living in such an overwhelming rapture that I wasn’t able to fit inside myself, I felt like if I were the most powerful man in the galaxy…. no, in the whole universe…. including the parallel dimensions. So much so that from that moment on I seemed to have become the center of women’s attention, mesmerized by something I represented and embodied at that moment – and that transcended everything, from my body to time and space. And then several girls started to look at me, to hit on me and even to feel me up, as if I were a Pop Star, a celebrity to whom they couldn’t resist. My girlfriend seemed to have noticed some harassment and tried to get me out of that place – even because I couldn’t think straight, I was still stunned.

It’s too bad the effect soon passed and I came back to my little world.

The years have gone…. I got married, I split up, I got burned in love countless times and, eventually, I had more misses than hits in life – no big deal considering we’re all subject to that. The more my love misadventures added up, the more my fear of surrendering to love grew, which made me attract more frictional or empty love experiences – like atracts like. But despite the growing emptiness in the heart, one thing I never forgot: that sense of completeness, ecstasy, longing, and love every time I listened to this song. It definitely conveyed me something!

And since I wasn’t able to resolve myself on the issue of love until I was 44, every once in a while I found myself dreaming with that rapture I experienced in 1991, remembering something I couldn’t understand – but that was more real than myself. It was as if I felt that although I didn’t get along with women, a female majesty accompanied me, caring for and trying to help me in my own romantic messes.

Today, having expanded my access to a Higher Consciousness (which we all possess), I know very well what happened that very night, at that nightclub, back in 1991. It was a Higher Part of myself expressing, through a song, how much I was loved, how much I was missed and how much I belonged to that Higher Part of myself – at every breath I took, at every step I did, at every mistake or every hit made along the way. I used to feel (and still feel) that that Higher Part of me was my transcendental soul mate, my other half, telling her earthly male part how much we belonged to each other, how much she loved me, how much the scenario of life wouldn’t ever have enough power to push us apart, how much the distance, time and space didn’t matter at all to our absolute love.

And considering the loneliness in which I was living (because I wasn’t able to resolve myself on the issue of love), those feelings were a balm to me – even if temporary, rare and kind of illusory to me at the time. In the few times I could make this connection, I even reassured myself, recharged myself, and was filled with hope that I could eventually live the much-talked-about Sublime Love. But you know how it is…. Usually the physical world takes over, hypnotizes us, and we end up setting aside any magic that doesn’t fit into what our rational mind accepts. And so our little life goes on…. restricted by our own rational mind.

After going through some very strong and shocking challenges in life, I finally met again with that energy, that powerful female presence – in many different ways, through the most varied women, events and phenomena. The countless (personal and professional) difficulties I have experienced for years have made me reduce human judgments and rationalism, making room for transcendental experiences. Although that ethereal female rarely manifested herself in a declared way, I have learned to pick her up at the signs, the next smile, the next magic of life, in a flower, in the nature, an animal. And my life has changed, really changed a lot. I lived what I wouldn’t even dare to dream.

Her main legacy? My own light.

She made me shine again, helping me to live a fantastic love with a much younger girl, who glowed like my little fleeting star for a while, but intensely…. and leaved this world.

And I don’t forget to thank both of them every time I have moments of epiphany, euphoria, rapture, gratitude and happiness, because I know that my soul mate never fails to watch me and support me – now having my little fleeting star by her side.

PS .: Do you want to know what better expresses that female majesty? THE MOON. Whenever I feel very lonely, sad or even in total bliss, I look at her, blink an eye and I know I’m reciprocated, I know she’s always observing me, always watching me in every breath I take, every sigh I make, every victory and every stumble I face.

How good it is to know that we are loved in such a way, totally and unconditionally!

Anyway, for many, this song can represent a loved one who has already left. Ok. Or someone who doesn’t accept the breakup of a relationship, a stalker who intends to care for or watch over that person who has decided to step away from their life. Regardless of the author’s reasons or the interpretations given to this song, in my particular case it represents a woman who precedes everything, who precedes time and space…. and who used this song to express her unconditional love without any selfishness and wishing for me just my happiness and complete fulfillment, with any woman I happened to choose – as if she permeated them all! No wonder most people consider this music as a love song.

“Oh, can’t you see? You Belong to Me”, in my case, just meant that my transcendental beloved was wondering, at that moment, how I couldn’t realize that she and I were intrinsic, that we were one (seemingly as 2 halves separated by the illusion of spacetime, but intimately connected as 2 quantum entangled particles that feel and react to each other). It meant she was inquiring me how I might not yet realize that even though we belong together, despite our cohesion that transcends the appearances of Relativity, we still granted each other the option of being free to live any other adventures “alone”, to live the apparent separation between the two of us and even the existence of “other” loves in our lives – when in fact we never ceased to be that “Singular Being” who got transformed into “Other”, just to play.


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