An unusual trip to another world!


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There I was …. sailing aimlessly through the universe, but with the clear intention of finding some interesting civilization to pay a visit to.

It was then that a little voice inside me asked:

–“Are you ready to enter a world without any rules? A world where there are only your CHOICES? A scenario where you can choose everything you want…. and if you find it inappropriate, you can choose again. Huh?”


Then I replied: – “YES, why not?”.

And that voice just told me: – “Remember, everything is allowed there. But I suggest that you never judge anything, not even yourself …. and much less others”.

And then, as if by magic, I soon found myself landing in a very different world.

I was anxious, euphoric. I wanted to know where my choices would take me!

“Wow, what a fun game!”, I thought.

Right away, I found it quite interesting the way things were revealed to me there. I confess that many of these things I readily accepted, however, I rejected most of them. And I was allowed to reject them without problems, because my only (or main) task, in that scenario, was to CHOOSE…. as I had been told before.

Yes, choosing whatever I thought was good or bad, right or wrong – and all of that always taking into account my own point of view, since it would not be up to me to judge what was right or wrong, good or bad, just taking decisions according to my right to have both a particular point of view and my CHOICES.


It was a beautiful day in that world. In fact, a stunning day.

So I decided to walk and get to know life there.

My first important choice, then, was to become one of those creatures in that world. Well, I chose the form of those Beings that seemed more evolved to me, with clothes, accessories and everything else. Oh, and I quickly blended in with them, curious as I was.

As for my adaptation to that strange form of communication, I confess that it wasn’t even that difficult.

I just had to CHOOSE and…. voilà, I was already making strange grunts that, incredibly, were understandable to everyone, including me! Is that possible? Wow! Haha!

I still did observe many of those Beings, I saw a lot of turmoil, a lot of fights.

But I also felt the presence of a lot of peace.

As I was walking on what they called A ROAD, behold, a homeless man approached me. He wanted some change so that he could buy something to eat. Well, I immediately realized that I was wearing a lot of accessories, imitating those Beings. And I noticed that I had a wallet, as well as a mind which told me that inside that “thing” there should be some money.

And look, do you believe there was some money in it?

Who would say that, huh?

Well, Okay. Let me explain further! MONEY is a special paper they use in order to exchange it for goods and services. By the way, curiously, everything revolves around it there on that planet.

What straaaaange people!

So I gave the homeless man the biggest money bill I had in my wallet. Oh, the guy looked at me strangely, though soon he gave me a wide smile. I felt great…. But then I accessed the so-called human mind – my mind, the human reason, something I also happened to have in that human state –, which ended up questioning my choice:

– “But why the biggest bill?”

“Oh, geez!”, said that smart little voice that came from somewhere else, not from the mind…. – “Pay attention to this! Once you can create everything, then you can have as many bucks as you want, right? Oh, you silly, silly man. Come on, give me a break!”, mocked the little voice of Consciousness. And it continued:

– “Therefore, this money will not be missed at all. Did you get it? Hahaha!”

Mmmmm. I noticed that my reason was silent in the face of that wisdom. And me too!

It was then that I intuitively realized that that person (to whom I gave the money bill) was lying, as the money would not be used only for his food. As if by magic, my Consciousness (the intuitive little voice) warned me that the homeless person used to receive much more than what he needed to eat. That strategy of his was actually his way of making a living. And so he kept lying to everyone and playing hungry and poor.


At that very moment, I felt cheated….

But that naughty little wise voice already jumped ahead to tell me:

– “Hey silly human, calm down! That beggar is, deep down, deceiving himself. You did what your heart asked you to do. Besides, have you forgotten that you can create anything you want? Do you remember that there are no rules? There are only CHOICES! Get smart, dude! Hahaha”.

– “Ok, Ok”, I thought. I was already a little flustered. That theatrical staging seemed to take over everything, making me forget the greater truths!

Well, that little voice had reminded me I was already aware that I was a Being of light who could do everything, but that beggar still had not such an awareness, because he lived in a sad self-created reality, feeling himself to be a rotten Being, without dignity, making distorted choices – in my point of view.

Then I noticed his world was like that, full of rules, lies, greed, FEARS.

So I broadened a little bit my perspective about those Beings and got alarmed.

Wowww….. I realized that the situation of that homeless person was also the situation of most people. Poor little ones! They couldn’t understand that EVERYTHING HAS ALREADY BEEN GIVEN TO US since before we were born! In other words, everything already belongs to us, even what we don’t seem to have yet! But while a person isn’t able to adjust his human perception (his beliefs, his values) to a more expanded perspective about life, he ends up pushing away from himself what he wants so much.

Well, my world was one of LOVE, choices and freedom. Theirs, despite being also like that, was not permeated by this certainty! That’s why their situation had strayed so far from their Essence!

I decided not to bother with them and let it go…. And I kept quiet! After all, I had been warned: – “Do not judge yourself or others”.

Well…. I kept following and helping whoever I wanted along that road. Or would it be street? Avenue? Path? What strange people! So many different names to designate the same thing!

Let it be! “Don’t judge, don’t judge,” I reminded myself.

But then a fearful thought sprang to my mind: “What if that rogue showed up again?”

Then the little voice in me warned:

– “What would love do if that happened? Remember: we are all together on this journey ….”

“Gosh, it’s true….”, I thought! Wow, when immersed in that experience, the day-to-day scenario was such that it made us forget many Greater Truths.

So I decided to walk a little further, until I saw a place called HOLY TEMPLE.

“My goodness!”, I said without realizing the regional idiom I was using. I liked that expression!

Well, back to the HOLY TEMPLE…. I think that’s exactly what I was looking for in the universe. Something higher!

So, behold, a gentleman came out of there and approached me.

He was nice and greeted me. Wow, I felt happy and welcomed. He even asked if I would like to come in to see THE HOUSE and THE WORD OF GOD.

“Wow”, I thought.

“It’s here, it can only be here! I arrived! Now I have finally discovered something unprecedented in this interstellar voyage of mine.”

And that gentleman went on saying, “Only by knowing these ancient words will you be saved.”

“Mmmmm. Now it got complicated,” I thought.

I got confused.

Because such statements expressed something that went against everything I already knew.

First off, God does not have a house, a temple, since He is in everything, He is everything!

And second, I didn’t understand the issue of “being saved”. And then I made some grunts (called words, there) in the form of a question to that nice guy:

– “Be saved, sir? But…. Be saved from what, sir?”

And he answered me: – “Be saved from the original sin, free from hell”.

Oh, I got even more confused, and só I replied:

– “Sir, should I worry about these words that seem to want to intimidate me and put me fears? Why did you do that? Oh, and before I forget, what is this sin?”, I finished.

He then seemed to get annoyed, to which he told me: – “Take this booklet and read it, inside it you will find the path. If you’re not interested in finding it, then go ahead.”

Geez…. What a nervous guy!

It seemed difficult to understand that world. The guy was nice and then almost kicked me. But I didn’t agree with him. Oh, not really!

Look, just follow my line of reasoning, please: if Free Will is granted to any Being in any world, HOW could there be a single predetermined path?

Well…. I noticed that I might be judging. Okay, Okay. I decided to give the booklet a chance. If the answer was inside it, then all I had left was to throw myself headlong into it and find out what that singular path was.

So I started reading it quickly with my expanded awareness. Even because I was already getting worried, since I could be on the wrong way, and that gentleman seemed to really want to help me.

Well, but I didn’t even need to read much of that booklet to begin to perceive it as something quite inappropriate.

Geez…. I made a brief comparison between what was written there and everything I already knew. And look what a controversial and strange thing I found written inside it: The Ten Commandments!

“Oh, my, what absurd thing is this?”, I thought.

Please, just follow my reasoning…. if we have Free Will, how can “Commandments” exist?

Mmmmm. That was totally illogical, right?

Okay, okay!

I remembered that it was not appropriate to judge anything or anyone. But then I decided — out of sheer curiosity — to read one of those Commandments:

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.”


That freaked me out!


How could anyone have possession of someone else? That is, the woman whose OWNER was the NEIGHBOR! How come? Owner?

Hey, if we’re all free, then nobody belongs to anybody, right? Therefore, if I fall in love with “the neighbor’s wife”, of course I will covet her.

Why wouldn’t I?

I can also love her even more than her previous “owner” (the “neighbor”) loved her, because in our relationship maybe something very special could emerge, something that was waiting for lives in order to happen, something that was just waiting for our physical meeting and, of course, our mutual choices.

Well, I thought I’d better keep that pamphlet. It was beautiful, well made, colorful. But it didn’t seem useful.

Commandments? What madness was that? Humph!

I kept walking.

Later I saw a mother scolding her daughter because the young lady had several boyfriends in the neighborhood where they lived. I was stunned. After all, what was the problem with that? What is so wrong with the issue of sex in this world?

As far as I knew (and the nice little voice confirmed me at that moment), sex is just that, it’s to play, to have fun with whoever you want and with as many as you want, that’s why it’s so pleasurable. It exists for us to play. Understand that once there is genuine enchantment for the Being that inhabits the other body (not just for the body), loving intimacy only elevates the person, it does not harm them or lower their vibration! It is only irresponsible relationships that lower the energy of the Self — temporarily!


Had no one warned them?

Okay, Okay…. Don’t judge! Do…. Not…. judge!


But what a crazy little world, huh? Let’s face it!

A little further on I met a group of more formal, serious people. I realized that they had a strong desire to “get ahead in life”, to succeed, to thrive.

And honestly, I was confused again, I didn’t understand their motives….

Perhaps these were the wise men of their world, the chiefs…. I thought.

But it didn’t take me long to realize that my questions were incomprehensible to them, they would never have proper answers to them.

For example, I asked, “What is success? How to measure it?”

I noticed that their thoughts were always about money and conquests.

Then I tried to rephrase the question, maybe I didn’t master that set of grunts called language. And then I shot the following question at them.

“What is winning or thriving in life?”

Once again they thought of possessions, power, external guarantees.

Then I started to get impatient, which led me to be more objective:

“Hey, is success, by any chance, filling your pockets with money?”

And everyone laughed, they seemed to think I was a little crazy. I realized that, for them, not having possessions or money was a huge reason to panic! They didn’t know that the reality before them was their own creation, made out of their choices.

They lived fearing the future and fearing the possibility of an old age to be lived without the proper financial guarantees. They wasted their time always looking for ways to AVOID fearful scenarios, instead of CREATING the scenarios they wanted.

Then I realized I would have something to TEACH rather than learn. And I decided to leave them a tip from that little friendly voice that always accompanied me:

– “Guys, how about living life and not wasting time on things you don’t like? Yes, if you don’t like it, let it go.

Simply change the ‘focus’. Yes, start to focus on what pleases you, on something nice, on what really makes you happy!

Understand that what we pay attention to expands, increases. Therefore, when you strive to AVOID something, you are focusing on what you DON’T WANT. Stop trying to AVOID something! So focus on what you WANT – but without attachments, see? Attachment drives the object of your desire away from you!

In short, stop giving attention and energy to diseases, scarcity, unhappiness, problems. Just look at what makes you happy – and then let go, knowing that one day it will come to you, no matter how long it takes (and even if it arrives only in another life or another reality). You are multidimensional and eternal Beings, never forget that!”


For the first time, it was they who were confused. Hahaha.

I deepened my perception and noticed people saying to each other: – “Don’t spend money, save, don’t take risks”. And yet: – “Never separate from your spouse, because you said you would be faithful until death.” Or they said: – “Do your best to please your children, relatives, friends.”

And, through me, that little voice told them:

– “Folks…. Be true to yourselves, never betray your own hearts‘ desire! Spend your money, risk it all, live! By the way, don’t despise anyone, but still feel free to try to live only with those who make you feel good. This is not selfishness, it’s freedom and self-love! Seek to please yourselves more and more, don’t care about what others think. Be happy. And now the most important detail of ALL YOUR LIVES: when a romantic love no longer suits you, look for another one.”

What a strange little world that was.

From a distance it was blue, up close it was full of green! They called it EARTH!

Oh…. You know what?

I got out of there.

I simply took off…. as they used to say there when they suddenly left a place.

But now I was heading towards my house. Hahaha.

Well, I can say that my trip was revealing, divine.

It only lasted 01 SECOND, you who didn’t realize that.

But hey, I met YOU on this trip.

Or — who knows — maybe I was you. Hahaha.

You know what?

Now I realize that I’ve visited your past, your present, and…. oops, sorry, I took a peek into your future.

In fact, OUR future!

Wowww, man!

What a madness was that, huh? You cheeky little devil!

Kof, Kof. Okay, okay…. I admit that, at that point, it was me too, not only you!

So, mmm…. How about we say that WE did it?

Better, huh? Hahaha.

Well. I think you figured it out, right?

Yes, I am who you THINK you are – a mere human – but I am also yourself in all your splendor, I am you beyond the appearances of your humanity.

Yes, I’m you at your best version, but you still don’t seem to have realized that you are also Me! Hahaha….

Well, don’t rush things up.

After all, we are eternal!

One day you will understand Who You REALLY ARE beyond the illusions of the game you are immersed in.

And hey….

Don’t forget that we are all interconnected, that we are cosmic Beings, gods…. and that we create everything and we are also part of everything.

Well, I’m about to take off.

10, 9, 8….

Oops, oops. One last word…

Observe your life, your challenges, your past, present and future.

And then ask yourself every day:



The answer to that, my dear friend, is your ideal path!

7, 6, 5….

Okay, okay…. you are free to go at your own pace and through any path you choose! You will have as many lifetimes as you want (or need) in the process of rescuing your Original Identity!

4, 3, 2….

Well, I’m leaving now. I have been around here for too long: yep, a whole second. Let’s face it…. It’s too much time, man.

1, zero!

Have a divine life!

I’ll meet you in the next second!

Me, you and whoever else wants this.

But only when each one of you is ready to realize that YOU are also ME, the Greater Consciousness!

Hasta la vista, baby!



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