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I imagine that a writer only becomes a real artist when (s)he is able to break the barrier of the ordinary, when he acquires the ability to transform prose into poetry, when he is able to take events, experiences and emotions and “translate” them into properly intertwined words as if they were a symphonic arrangement so harmonious that it is capable of transmitting, to the reader, the grace and magic captured by the author’s keen perceptions. Only such a text can achieve the feat of opening the doors of the reader’s heart and touch their soul, giving them the opportunity to review the way they see life!

Well, the desire to pass on certain experiences and epiphanies I’ve lived – in order to reduce the suffering of other people and help them to flow better through life – was already a strong inspiration in my heart since long ago, until almost 10 years ago a great friend and mentor of mine suggested that my idea of making films and writing books should start firstly by the books. That would be, according to him, the most appropriate path.

At the time, I was working in a completely different field, but I had been rehearsing the first steps of writing for some good years, and I had even published many short texts out there. Therefore, I already had a notion that writing clearly and arousing passion was not simple task.

A long time has gone by, but it was only 5 years ago that the strong urge of becoming a writer really took over me. It is interesting how, in our lives, it sometimes takes so long for us to find the particular purpose of our existence. And it always exists, believe me! As simple as it may be.

But the day-to-day of human life takes over, and we are not always able to “hear” those heart’s subtle yearnings.
Today, in retrospect, I realize how clear and persistent the signs were back then, but unfortunately ignored by me…. until the right time came!
After all, nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.

And so – after some adjustments in my personal life – three years ago, lo and behold, I finally managed to put aside everything I was doing and start what today has already become the first of several books belonging to a series called THE PASSIONATE MAN’S HANDBOOK. And that has been one of my greatest purposes ever since!

In this series, the reader will be invited to travel through other people’s real love stories (with their permission). And – most importantly – after those wonderful stories, I added comments from an expanded standpoint based on the Greater Consciousness, allowing the reader to have a different and elevated view about each one of the stories, about life, about Who We Are beyond appearances, about all kinds of losses that we go through and, mainly, about LOVE.

Those are true and exciting stories that I collected over the years, which would become, in the book, the starting point for forwarding extremely valuable messages elaborated from an expanded perspective, always aiming to help people to awaken to a greater reality and to live love as fully as possible – and, most importantly, SURRENDERING THEMSELVES TO LOVE IN THE VERY WAY IT SHOWS UP, without judging it or imposing conditions.

I do not intend to convince anyone about my point of view towards the world, the universe and life, I just pass on my vision of love as the greatest tool for the awakening of the Being, helping those who are interested in waking up to a different reality that comes from a Greater Source, the Cosmic Consciousness – as I call it in the book.

And now, having released the first of many books, I realize that writing all this has been a huge pleasure, something that makes me happy and fulfills me, my true life purpose.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that the wisdom contained in these books may serve as an inspiration for many people, helping them to revise their concepts, prejudices, judgments, values and distorted beliefs, so that they can attract a happier life full of love – starting with self-love, the most important of all.

Well, I confess that this first book of mine never had great pretensions from the point of view of sales volume. If I achieve the feat of helping a single person to awaken, all of the work will have been worth the effort of years. Especially because I started all of this with a humble and genuine intention to pass on certain tips that cost me dearly, such as:

  • How to love yourself even more?
  • How to attract a great love?
  • How to conciliate loves?
  • Who are you beyond the appearences of this life, beyond the reflection you see in the mirror?
  • How can you start to feel whole, fulfilled and happy even when what you most desire hasn’t arrived yet? In fact, be aware that THIS is one of the best ways to attract what you want, that is, behave “AS IF”: as if you already had what you want the most, as if you already were what you would like to become, etc, however much your mind doubts it. That’s how one bents their Apparent Reality, their life scenario.
  • An many other existencial doubts.

And so I started both my Blog (“”, which was already read in more than 90 countries) and my books, always with the genuine feeling of helping people in suffering to have the same epiphanies that I only conquered after much pain and anguish – but which at the same time made me awaken to the truth of my Being.

For you, reader, this book will cost a few dollars and a small amount of effort to read it.

As for me, it cost me dearly!

And everything I am today (in terms of overcoming challenges) was conveyed to the pages of a book that may transform your life – if you want so and allow it, because as I always explain in the book, each of us is free to choose any path, regardless of right or wrong. Nobody is obliged to anything, since all paths lead to the same final destination, the Greater Consciousness – and never in a linear way.

However, despite our eternal and untouchable freedom of being, it is also a fact that beliefs create our Apparent Reality, and if I may help you to review some of your limiting and distorted beliefs (acquired along the way, “borrowed” or even “bought” from third parties), I claim that your life will IMMEDIATELY change for the better.

I assure you!!!!

As for the scope of the work (since the intention is to help as many people as possible), the book was released simultaneously in 3 major languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), and its printed version was made available to all book distributors, on all continents. Despite the book not having been done in many languages, even so I imagine that all of this will already be enough to make it accessible to a large part of the population of this small and wonderful planet of ours, full of a lot of self-imposed sadness (fruit of unconsciousness), but also full of fantastic opportunities to the AWAKENING OF THE BEING.

Our world is a disguised paradise, because despite being full of apparent traps, tragedies and suffering, it becomes an oasis as soon as the person expands their access to the Higher Consciousness and CHANGE their perspective, instantly leaving the ordinary and transforming everything they call “reality”.

Each Being creates his(her) world and also is a world apart !!!!

Come with me and change your world! It only depends on you! Be aware that there is no such a thing as what you consider to be “the other” – so that you can blame him(her) and not take 101% of responsibility for everything that comes to you. Everything and everyone will always reflect you according to your beliefs. You are the sole creator of your own experience! The “other” is just another version of you disguised in different “clothing”. That’s why “we are all ONE!”

This is how you create your Apparent Reality INDIVIDUALLY, no matter how much it is immersed in a collective co-creation – it happens that you don’t live just in one only dimension, no matter how much you doubt it, and that makes your whole individual experience much broader and personal than you ever imagined.

You are a multidimensional Being!


And so, got curious?

Interested? Do you want to learn to “fly”? Would you like to become an even more enchanted, charming, passionate and appealing person?

So…. Follow me !

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And there’s more….

The book “THE PASSIONATE MAN’S HANDBOOK – BOOK 1” is available here at this very Blog (, in the BOOKS section of the blog’s menu. It contains many stories filled with Consciousness, Love, Passion and Romance – all of them commented by me from a higher perspective of life (coming right from a Cosmic Consciousness, so called in the mentioned book). Other books and suggestions will also be available in the sequence.

Good Luck!


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