by  Daline Ranuhy

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Natalia was proud of being very organized and responsible. At the age of 19, her life was an example of organization and good use of all the opportunities that used to arise.

In a November afternoon, she was at the Ezeiza International Airport, in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. She was waiting for the flight that would take her to Dublin, Ireland, where she would spend three weeks visiting ancient buildings, castles and medieval constructions as part of a course of her Architecture and Urbanism College.

As it always happened to her, everything was properly organized and planned: hotels, meals, guides, scripts and all the assistance she might need.

But she was restless, her flight was delayed more than half an hour. She decided to buy a bottle of water while waiting. And on the counter at the cafeteria, a tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed young man approached her asking something in English.

Natalia had no intimacy with the language and just smiled, trying to explain with gestures that she didn’t understand him.

So they turned to the cafeteria clerk for some help, who explained to Natalia that the guy only wanted to know where the boarding gate of his flight would be.

After exchanging some information with Natalia, the clerk explained to the young man that it would be enough for him to follow her, because both would take the same flight.

She felt it was hilarious to have to be the cicerone of that handsome young man with whom she could not even communicate. And she kept trying to speak with him in Spanish.

– “I’m Natalia, and you?” she asked as she pointed to herself.

She repeated that over and over until he understood her. In an attempt to make himself understood, he replied, – “I’m Brian Barstein, I’m Brian Barstein. B. B., B. B.” while striking the chest.

– “Beep, Beep?” she asked bursting into laughter, thinking he was trying to imitate a Beetle’s horn. In the middle of the laughter, she choked on the water and Brian tried to help her by patting her on the back, giving a forced smile for being kind of lost in the joke.

The guards, seeing the scene of a six-foot-tall man slapping on the back of a fragile girl that was barely five feet tall, came to her in a hurry and urged Brian to drop the girl immediately. But Brian didn’t understand them, and he was soon pushed by a police officer.

– “Calm down mister Guard. I was choking, he’s just trying to help me,” she said.

– “Do you know him?” asked one of the guards.

– “Of course, of course. We are together,” she said, making up an excuse so that the boy could get rid of the imminent confusion.

Released by the guards, they went on with the pertinent procedures and no longer stayed apart from each other anymore. He was with a jeans backpack, no luggage. She had a huge suitcase which took 20 minutes to be checked in because it was twice her size – full of the technical materials she worked with. And he helped her through the whole process.

They finally got in the plane and Natalia took her seat at the back of the aircraft. Seeing that the flight was half empty, Brian followed her and sat down beside her, not even remembering that there was a seat originally meant for him.

It was getting dark when the plane finally started taxiing. As they were taking off, Natalia laughed a lot after realizing that Brian was sweating cold, frightened by the first movements of the aircraft. It was clear that he was scared, since he was not as used to travel by plane as she was.

– “Calm down Brian, I assure you this plane will not crash!” she said in Spanish, even though she knew he didn’t understand her words. And as she was speaking to him, she also caressed his hand and ended up hugging him. He didn’t look at her, his eyes were closed. But he felt her affection and, as the plane gained altitude, he calmed down.

They spent the next half hour trying to talk. But since they couldn’t understand each other at all, they gave up trying to communicate through words. He hugged her affectionately and she snuggled into his chest – thoughtful, but quiet and confident. They stayed for a few moments like that, just feeling each other.

After the delicious dinner served on board, he placed a hand on her cheek and watched her closely, looking deep into her eyes. Gently, he slid his forefinger across Natalia’s delicate face, gently touching a small birthmark she had on the top of her nose and then another spot behind her ear. He showed her, with gestures, how beautiful she was and how much he wanted, for him, those details of her. As he continued to go through her face with his finger, at each novelty that he found he placed both hands on his own heart, closing his eyes and pretending to faint, in a clear demonstration that he had gotten entangled in her love.

In turn, she also played with a light hair tuft that he had amidst the dark-brown hair strands, as if asking for that in return. She tried to find another birthmark, but the only one she found was a small wart behind his neck. She made a scissor gesture with her fingers, as if she wanted to tear it away and carry it as a souvenir of him. They played like that for one hour and a half.

In the middle of it, he noticed a solitaire ring she had on one of her left hand fingers. He was intrigued, for the ring was on the middle finger, not the ring finger. And then he made a gesture (entwining his own fingers) as if questioning whether she was engaged or not.

She pointed to the top and then to him, as if to say, “I am committed to God and, now, to you”. He didn’t quite understand it, but he found it charming and didn’t care about anything else.

Soon the stewardess passed by handing out blankets and pillows. And all the lights went out. When she realized that the little embraced couple barely noticed the surroundings, she made an invitation to Natalia (speaking in Spanish).

-“Listen folks… you’re newlyweds, aren’t you?” deducing that by the solitaire ring that Natalia wore in her hand. – “I have a much better place for the lovebirds in first class. And there are few people up there. Do you want to take the opportunity and come with me”?

-“Of course,” replied Natalia, while Brian was lost, but he followed them anyway.

The stewardess rewarded them with two spacious and comfortable armchairs and provided delicious edibles to the lovers.

Impressed by the good fortune that girl brought him, Brian could barely contain his enthusiasm!

They were both delighted with the strawberries, the candies and the champagne they savored between passionate kisses and a lot of giggling – because of the tickling the drink bubbles were causing in their nostrils.

The stewardesses were all peeking and laughing, for they perceived the joy of the passionate couple. They were, in fact, with a healthy envy, because those little lovebirds were a beautiful sight to behold – something that was even more interesting than the screening of the five-time Oscar-winning film that had just debuted on the big screen of the airplane.

The two settled in each other’s arms in those huge seats, surrendering completely to their sudden, overwhelming love. They began to kiss and caress one other, engulfed by the magic of the loving discovery in their unexpected meeting. They both whispered sweet words of love, each one in their respective and incomprehensible idiom. But even without understanding one another’s language, they were only enjoying the sublime pleasure brought about by this present of life.

And so it was throughout the trip. They slept a little, woke up, caressed and delighted with each other, without communicating and also without having to come to any sexual consummation. That love, frankly, didn’t need these premises. A magical and fantastic romance flowed between them at that moment, catapulting them to divine heights of passion and surrender never before experienced.

They were young and naive, but they were sure of what they felt. There was a lot of purity in their gestures and caresses, and they only surrendered to their unexpected and irresistible passion. The fact that they could not communicate in words only brought them closer. Love needs no words! It led them to a magical, wonderful, overwhelming and surprising world.

Finally they woke up once and for all. It was breakfast time, with only a few hours left for landing. They found themselves completely in love with each other and tried to make another attempt to dialogue – in vain.

But somehow he managed to convey to her the idea that he could drop everything and accompany her anywhere. But Natalia felt that this was not the most appropriate, for she had everything organized and didn’t want to change the itinerary related to a trip that had been planned a year and a half in advance. It was not a leisure trip, there were even some people waiting for her at the airport. So, with gestures, she tried to explain that if they were supposed to meet again, nothing could stop that…. it would happen someday.

Natalia was so serene and sure of herself – despite the wet gleam in her eyes – that Brian felt even more enchanted and captivated by the young woman. But, at the same time, he certainly felt the bitter blow of being rejected, once he didn’t understand why she could not accept him to accompany her. But anyway he wrote down his address on the last page of a book of hers. Brian used to live in New Zealand, but now he was going to the interior of Ireland to visit his grandparents.

Despite being sad, he nodded his assent showing that he agreed to take a different path, even though he didn’t expect to find her again – and he wanted so much to be able to have some more time with her!

At the airport, he helped her again with her suitcases.

They barely left the luggage area and four people were already waiting for her and holding a sign that read, “Natalia”. She turned to Brian and hugged him tenderly for a long time. Each one murmured a few words of love, but deep down nobody could understand one another, only through feelings (which is, at the bottom line, what really matters). With evident resistance, both started to split up but remained with their four hands intertwined as they looked deeply into each other’s eyes in a silent and loving communion of souls. One of the people in the waiting group approached the couple and, hugging Natalia, took her away from the boy who, with pungent tears in his eyes, accompanied her with his look until the young woman disappeared behind a door.

They never met again because she lost that book with Brian’s address shortly after leaving the airport. But none of them ever forgot the night of magic and romance they had during their fantastic flight through the astonishing heights of love.

Comments by  JORGE ZAHELL

The above story demonstrates the importance of being connected to the present moment, of living in THE NOW. In the blink of an eye, life can change course and take from us everything we had for granted – or maybe bring us a gift we didn’t even expect!

Everything changes all the time !

And that’s exactly how it’s meant to be, so that we can learn to value what really matters.

But then, why did I have the bittersweet feeling – after I came into contact with this beautiful story – that something was missing in that romantic encounter?

Well, I wonder if the human craze – of trying to fit everything, especially love, into pre-established schemes of unreachable perfection – is so strong to the point of neutralizing the perception that these two teenagers were indeed very successful in living that sudden love the best way they could in such circumstances. Or would everyday life extinguish their loving rapture had Natalia allowed Brian to accompany her?

We will never know, right?

Or will we?

The fact is that life is extremely wise, and when something seemingly unmissable leaves our lives, it’s because sometimes life is trying to help us towards the best outcome for those involved. We are always free to change our opinion and look for any different path, but when we decide to stop everything in order to FEEL our heart – and therefore aligning ourselves with a Higher Intelligence – then that true feeling will tell us which is the ideal path of that moment (provided that such alignment occurs at a level high enough to transcend the level of the human self).

That’s what Natalia did….

She didn’t want to get attached to the need of guaranteeing or perpetuating that loving magic, because she was based on a fullness which told her there was something even more sublime ahead in a future still inaccessible to her mind – but easily available to that higher intelligence called LIFE, which was trying to help her towards an even better possibility.

So despite my resistance, I recognize – trusting Natalia’s radar – that the outcome of this beautiful romance was probably better for both of them, although it seemed unfair to Brian.

The point is that Natalia reacted from a higher level of Consciousness, while Brian only did it based in emotional attachments and needs that Natalia had already overcome – even because she was much more used to the magics of life in her daily routine, unlike Brian, for whom this experience was the first on a higher level.

Well, of course we are supportive to Brian and we understand his reaction, but we have to realize that life had provoked him through that beautiful experience (which, by the way, he also deserved) in order to give him the chance to be able to choose to rise above of the trivial and then begin a natural coexistence with the extraordinary.

Be that as it may, the young couple in the above story overcame many challenges. They were able to love themselves despite the obstacles of language and the different goals of each one. They allowed themselves to feel and let themselves be carried away by those feelings. The reason was put aside and love was able to have its chance.

How many times do we put the reason ahead everything, leaving love behind?

Well, of course love doesn’t care about that, because it is Absolute, sovereign, and it KNOWS that someday it will have its turn, either at the first opportunity or in the thousandth. That’s the reason for which love is in no hurry and respects the free will of the person – it also doesn’t need any amount of time for making itself present!

If you, reader, have missed such an opportunity in your past, don’t blame yourself. It is part of the process of being alive and of the intrinsic freedom of each one. The couple in the above story just allowed themselves to live what they felt. But if you did it differently somewhere in your past, it doesn’t mean that you are less of a person, it just means that maybe you were not prepared enough. Don’t identify yourself with what you did or didn’t do in your past (be it yesterday or a minute ago), even if you clearly realize that you made a mistake.

You are not your mistake.

You are not your success either!

This issue – of not getting upset after missing an opportunity – was clearly demonstrated when Natalia, having no immediate plans of deepening a relationship with Brian, ended up losing the book which had his address written in the back. She didn’t get bored nor blamed herself about the loss, because although she had Brian as her prince for one night, she knew that if he were to be the man of her life, they would meet again somewhere in the future.

She was sure of that!

And she respected herself, even realizing he wanted something different. At that moment, her College, her course, her learning and that trip were in the foreground for her. But even so, she made the most of that present and of the tender rapture of that unique night!

However, it seems to me that Natalia would have dropped all her commitments – and much more – had she sensed in Brian the attributes she dreamed of finding in her charming prince.

So, in what aspect did the boy fail?

Probably for getting fiercely attached to the girl due to the magical love experience they had lived together, imagining that he could reproduce moments like that ad infinitum.

Natalia, more advanced in her evolution, knew intuitively that she did not want to date someone who still tried to heal his emotional neediness by living with another person that was more evolved, instead of doing it from himself – the only possible way. That does not mean she was not equally in love with Brian, just that she let go of the boy in order to give him a chance to reach the level from which she already enjoyed.

Who knows if, in a near future, they would meet again and return to their love on equal terms? Well, life is full of surprises….

So, dear reader. If this story seemed to you a little cruel – letting you a bit anxious and even curious about what happened to the couple – well, know that it is understandable. But for now, be aware that Natalia was not mistaken in her intuition and that she really did very well when decided to pay the price of following it.

It’s crucial that a person learns to follow their heart!

As for the rest of this story, I know very well how it continues. However, that is something for another time, once that, for now, the learning opportunities provided by this story have already been enough – and this was the main intention.


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