You…. and your losses!

Text by LUZ MARÍA, comments by JORGE ZAHELL

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You are in the middle of the life’s corridor and, behind you, many doors have already closed. Many others are still to be opened….

Now let’s use a bit of creativity in order to visualize something! Imagine that you are in front of a great stairway: The Life’s Ladder! Next to you is the most important person to you (boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancée, husband, wife, brother, friend, offspring, etc). And you two are very close, holding hands.

As long as you are on the same level, everything is nice and perfect. No clouds threaten your blue sky.

Until suddenly you climb one rung of that ladder, but your companion does not. This person prefers to remain at their current level. Okay, no problem. It’s easy anyway, after all you’re still holding hands.

But you go up one more rung, and that person refuses to do it. Your hands have started to stretch, and it’s not as easy and comfortable as it was in the beginning. You climb another rung and the pull becomes even stronger and more unpleasant. Then you start to feel that your companion is holding you back, but you want that person to go up with you so that you don’t lose them.

Unfortunately, for this person, the time to level up (to take life to the next level) has not yet arrived, and so they continue to hold on to their starting position.

Then you step up one more rung of the ladder and so you notice that it is already impossible to remain united to that person. It hurts you a lot to realize that he/she doesn’t make a point of accompanying you. You fight to fulfill your desire for this person to rise, so that you don’t lose him/her, but you can no longer – and don’t want to – lower your level of Consciousness, of emotional maturity. In a new upward movement the inevitable happens, and you part ways.

You can stand there and cry and kick and try to convince that person to come with you. You can even go against your Being and force yourself to lower your level, trying not to lose him/her, but after this break in the bond that united you, nothing remains the same.

So, as painful as it is, you understand that you can’t do anything else but keep moving forward, hoping that someday you’ll get back on the same level.

This kind of situation happens when you start your inner growth path. In this process, in this journey, as you advance you lose many things: loves, wife, husband, friends, relatives, belongings, jobs, things…. as well as everything that no longer matches the person you are becoming or that is no longer on a par with the level you are achieving. You can fight with Life itself, with everything and everyone, complain and even get sick with all that sadness, but the process is exactly like that.

That’s EVOLVING!!!!

Inner growth is like this: personal, individual, singular and non-transferable. Not in group.

It may be that after a while that person decides to take their own path and catch up with you, or even climb beyond you on this ladder. But it is very important that you be aware that you cannot force anything in this life. That is, nothing and no one should be forced.

There comes a time, on your ladder to becoming a better person, when it may happen that you have to be alone for a while, and it hurts, of course it hurts a lot. But as you advance to new levels, you will soon find yourself with people who have much more affinities with you, with people who, thanks to their own process, are on the same level as you and who – assuming that you continue to advance – will accompany you with joy and with the mutual pleasure of your company.

At such high levels of evolution there is no longer pain or attachment, suffering or nostalgia. There is only understanding, love, absolute respect and a tender and calm willingness to let go, allowing the other person to live their own process, whichever path they choose.

This is how our life is….

An infinite ladder where you meet people who are on the same level as you, and if someone changes, the whole structure re-accommodates (like attracts like…. ALWAYS).

It’s not easy letting go of someone we love. It’s not easy to let go of something that no longer suits who we are choosing to be right now.

“It was really hard to let go, and even after the breakup I kept looking back, making comparisons with better times…. waiting for a miracle…. and until the miracle happened…. but not in the way I expected. It appeared in the form of other names, other bodies, other activities, other circumstances.

I lost a friend…. I got another 20.

I lost a bad job, and now I have a great one – and with opportunities to grow in it and achieve much more than I ever dreamed of.

I lost a car I didn’t like, and now I drive the car of my dreams.

I lost a person I thought I loved, only to realize that what I have now, at this point in my life, I couldn’t even have imagined a few months ago.”

Every loss, every thing that leaves – that moves away from us – only happens this way BECAUSE IT HAS TO BE LIKE THAT, either because of the personal choices of those involved or due to the level of Consciousness in which each of us is immersed at that moment (attracting such an outcome).

Nothing happens by chance!

Let them go!

And get ready for all the good things that are coming into your life. Keep advancing confidently, because this ladder is MAGICAL….

And if you don’t believe me, why don’t you check it out for yourself in a few years, decades or lifetimes????

May the Light shine on you!

Text by Luz María


What a text, huh?

It deals mainly with the losses related to loved ones who have walked away from us, who have chosen other paths – and perhaps this is one of the most difficult challenges we face in our lives, that is, LEARNING TO LET GO…. when necessary!

But there are also countless other types of losses, such as the death of loved ones, the loss of material possessions, missed opportunities that don’t come back, etc.

Now, did you know that in every case of loss, there is a greater understanding waiting for the right moment to reveal itself to you? An understanding that comes from the Greater Consciousness and which is able to give you that peace that you have long been looking for in the midst of chaos. Well, it is precisely this light – this broader perspective – that I want to convey to you here and now, in a nutshell.

So let’s go ahead!

First off, I assume it’s not that hard to realize that LOSSES are part of our Life’s Ladder, right? But now, are you able to understand that, on our journey, we evolve through what we interpret as LOSS?

Yes, you got it right: evolving through losses! And there’s more…. All of them are experiences that we only label as losses – for lack of a broader perspective, lack of access to a Cosmic Consciousness!

Wow…. Chill out, I’ll explain it to you!

Realize that first you lose the connection with your mother, when your umbilical cord is cut. Then you grow up a little bit and soon you lose the notion that you are the center of the universe — all it takes is a sibling or any other kid showing up in your life.

Later, at age 7, you lose a lot of that connection with the “other side” (that “supernatural channel” closes, so that you can have the necessary immersion in the Game of Life). And in the following years you end up conquering many things that, over time, you will also inevitably lose: friends, loves, money, goods, things….

Finally, one day you will also end up “losing” your own life as you know it here (“losing” in quotation marks, because death is just a passage), when then, on the other side, you will have the opportunity to access a broader perspective and then realize that you were living inside a game from which everyone will one day wake up (after many existences, setbacks, new beginnings and epiphanies).

Hey, know…. Losses are illusions!

One day, at some point in your existence, you will realize that you NEVER LOST ANYTHING, because you will notice that everything was just a game where everyone was always protected, even in their darkest moments.

And in this instant of enlightenment, you will finally have access to everything and everyone you THOUGHT you had lost.



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