by Olivério de Los Ríos Mandell.

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When Zoid showed up in the “downstairs” (private part area), he looked like a little seed, a tiny bright grain that emerged from a huge field. There were thousands, indeed millions of little seeds that were now all around him in varying degrees of development and position. He noticed that they all looked alike and he also realized that he was somehow separated from the others, but at the same time connected to them in a way he couldn’t understand.

The older little seeds – from the top of their wisdom inherited after millennia of evolution – soon attempted to curb Zoid’s natural enthusiasm:

-“Easy Zoid, take it easy, settle down. Otherwise you may get lost,” they told him.

-“Be careful, don’t get overexcited. You may get in trouble.” And so on.

But Zoid was curious, restless, fearless and full of energy. He even tried to be quiet as he watched other little seeds emerging around him. And then some time elapsed while he prepared himself for what they told him it would be the great adventure of his life.

Interestingly, there was also freedom for him to be able to choose whether or not to join the journey ahead, or yet just watch his lionhearted companions move on to meet the challenge. Zoid realized that the environment around him was 90% golden and luminous, topped by a white and milky sky, plus a few points of various colors mixed inside the reigning golden.

Zoid himself was totally colorless at first, but he noticed that as he developed, distinct shapes and different colors emerged on his body. He was looking forward to the widely spoken and so-called one-way trip, until the time finally came – and the advisers warned him:

-“There’s not much time left. Get ready.”

That was said not just for him, but for millions of others like him who had gathered at the starting point. Zoid absorbed as much as he could, not only from the sensation of invincibility that permeated him, but from everything that surrounded him. He didn’t feel the need to defeat anyone, since he was not competing. At the very end, he realized that he and millions of his companions were like a single body, a single bigger mind.

Zoid was happy, he was feeling no anguish or fear, nor the need to prove himself better than the others. Just the urge to plunge headfirst deep into the marvelous, shiny, milky river and swim – which suddenly (and out of nowhere) began to engulf them and catapult everyone ahead. They listened only to the shouts of “Let’s go…. We hope you nail it…. Good luck…. Make us proud…. You are us….” and so on.

Zoid did not know where that almost unbearable ecstasy was coming from – something that took hold of him and led him deliciously along with his companions. He didn’t even had to use his physical or mental strength, he was feeling led while trembling with joy, sweet anticipation, fervor and pleasure. The sensation lasted until halfway through the trip.

Suddenly he felt confused again as before starting the race. He slowed down and began to notice that much of the group (about 60%) had stayed behind along the way. But an impetus took hold of him and he began to accelerate again, to swim – now in a conscious and determined way.

The others tried to keep up with him and at least a dozen caught up with him. Hundreds of others were following them at a greater distance. For the first time he began to feel the weight of both responsibility and physical reality. He could realize himself swimming up in an obstacle race. And as he was traveling through the seemingly steep and endless distances, he noticed that he was getting more and more tired.

He leaned against a soft, warm fold, allowing many to overtake him. And then he thought, “What am I doing here? Where am I going to? I really don’t need all off this.”

He made himself comfortable, trying to fall into a deep sleep…. until something suddenly caught his eyes.

There was a soft sound, a delicate song.

He was feeling cradled in protective, loving arms that carried him upriver. He thought he was dreaming, but when he came to his senses, the whole landscape around him had changed. Zoid still watched his companions, both the forefront and the rear ones, but a dazzling and also irresistible brightness took hold of him and of everything else around.

In a velvety and mystical horizon that looked like dark blue sky, the most beautiful sun that Zoid could ever imagine – even in his wildest dreams – was rising up. It was from this sun that was coming the seductive and irresistible melody.

Zoid then realized that he only existed in order to find that star. It was only for her and to her that he had been created. Somehow he knew he was part of that glittering, majestic sky, though he didn’t understand how he could be separated from that glorious, sparkling star. He knew with all the power of his Being that he belonged to that sublime firmament, and nothing would stop him from trying to reach it!

Well…. Nothing else mattered now.

It seemed she had been waiting for him all through the ages and now she was softly calling him to complete, together, the story of everything. Watching her, he noticed she was at least fifty times bigger than him, which didn’t stop or frighten him – on the contrary, it still encouraged him more and more. He felt that no matter how small was his participation, it was essential.

Completely head over heels with her, he didn’t even notice any fatigue, discouragement or lack of purpose.

He felt she was releasing light tentacles towards him, gently caressing him and irresistibly drawing him into a kind of cosmic dance without beginning or end.

He noticed that his companions were as impressed and in love for her as he was, which led him to imagine at first that all of them would somehow plunge into the loving heat that was coming from that huge bright and irresistible star.

Now he had discovered his life purpose, which was to throw himself in that direction as quickly as possible, to melt into that sun and die of love.

That was all that mattered.

It was all he wanted.

Nothing else existed.

With renewed energy, he and many of his colleagues threw themselves impetuously towards the beautiful and inviting sun. When Zoid and some of his acquaintances were already orbiting that sun, suddenly his energies were exhausted once again. At that moment, about 40 of his companions gathered around him saying, “Come on Zoid! It’s you, she wants you.”

Everyone gave him the rest of their meager energies and pushed him into that irresistibly luminous sphere. He noticed the gesture and got moved by his friends’ love, as well as by the admiration and pride they felt of him. And in the same instant that he plunged into his fate (totally raptured and fascinated), it burst within him a deep feeling of gratitude for those who gave their lives so that he could begin a new stage of his own.

Comments by  JORGE ZAHELL

Hey buddy. You don’t remember that very moment, do you? Has there ever been a moment as sublime, dramatic and magical as that one in your life as a human?

Each one of us – who was able to be born on this planet – was already a Zoid who dove into his beloved star in that poetic, definitive and magnificent moment.

There is nothing more miraculous in this world than fertilization. There is nothing that better expresses, in such a well-finished way, the great mystery of life that vivifies everyone.

The whole life is permeated with romance, passion, love, charm and endless rapture. It contains in itself billions, trillions, zillions of processes, all of them fundamental in the perfect concatenation and natural symphony that make each of us so unique and singular.

What is the process that allows a single cell in our body to be able to transform itself into a germinative principle that leads to the formation of an ovum or a sperm (spermatozoon, spermatozoid) ????

How many miracles in sequence must succeed so that these two germ cells of distinct bodies, apparently so different, can ever meet in any possible way?

For me, as for many, everything is undoubtedly orchestrated by an intelligence that knows much more than we can conceive about ourselves, about the processes that preceded us and about those that will still happen to us. And since this INTELLIGENCE is clearly far superior than anything we can imagine, then it seems obvious to me that it knows very well HOW to give us anything we want, just as it knew how to set up so miraculously the process that unleashed that single cell which, later, became you, then became me and so many others in this world.

In fact, I’m sure this intelligence has already given us anything we would dare to dream of – and much more. It’s up to us to find the way of claiming the already acquired rights, that is, it’s up to each person to find a way to discover how to have physically (if you think it’s necessary) what already belongs to you in other spheres – because everything has already been given to us, since ever and forever, we just forgot about that and we are slowly remembering.

In this book you will find powerful tools that will help you in that quest for what is already yours, but with which you have not yet got in touch with.

Be aware that…. The very thing you want also wants you! By the way, it already belongs to you!

When Zoid became aware of himself, he only knew that he had some adventure waiting for him. He did not remain thinking about it, he just accepted that. But for some reason, he became a germ cell, not a liver cell, a heart or a nervous system cell.

He never imagined that he was just a “half-cell”, which contained in itself the sacred potential to transform itself not only in billions of other cells with equal potential, but also in the many endless magical processes that would maintain the organism (generated by him) indefinitely alive and healthy for decades – not to mention the obvious miracle that would perpetuate its characteristics in its descendants for millennia!

What he wanted most – even without being aware of it – not only wanted him too, but still helped him to get there. There was a superior intelligence inherent to him and to that Sun, which led them towards each other so that their love might be consummated.

In fact, love permeates all the cells, atoms and particles of the body. It permeates everything that is visible and invisible in the Universe!

Now…. what’s the role of love in all of that?

Simply essential!

Love is both the beginning and the end of everything, It is the Alpha and the Omega, It is what is in the middle, the sides, the top, the bottom, the inside and the outside of everything…. and so on. Love is the primordial substance that allows everything to come to be, and even while It doesn’t express Itself (or even if It never expresses Itself), It IS – it exists in the background of all the appearances.

Ah, last but not least…. Melodies and musics come from a higher sphere of the Being, and therefore they can somehow be felt by any living creature. That said, there was a special song that was the background of Zoid’s journey towards his destiny to find his beloved. The song is named Seasons In The Sun, by Terry Jacks (click here to check it out).


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