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“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

Have you heard this quote before? Well…. Despite the many controversies surrounding such a sentence, it is famous and very coherent!

Keep in mind that you need to rise above the level of the problem in order to solve it. When you remain focused on the problem itself, you are on the same level with it, and the solutions that are already promptly available end up not being attracted, for you are giving energy to the problem and making it grow.

This is because “What you focus on expands!”

As long as you keep saying “I have a problem”, you are giving your power to continue creating and recreating exactly what is expressed in the content of the stated sentence (which is the fact of “having a problem of yours”). And so it will tend to persist in your life. But this only happens because YOU YOURSELF make it that way, no matter how unconsciously.

Understand that your statement is a creative sentence for the Universe, which will always reflect you. How about changing that previous sentence a little bit? Well, be aware that this will make all the difference….

Look at this…. Do you know this other truth below?

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution.”

This means that a problem only appears in your life if you have the capability to solve it or at least the capability to contribute to its solution. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even notice it.

So, shall we change that previous sentence? I suggest you to start with something pretty basic, like “I have a problem, but the solution is already coming“…. Or something higher, like “the solution already exists, however much I still don’t see it”. And then you must let go of it so that such a solution comes at the right moment, without attachments or anxieties, because this is your will. And come on, you DESERVE your wish comes true (or something even better) – if you believe so.

This new way of thinking opens an HUGE door to another dimension, to another level where there is already a consolidated BELIEF that life always conspires in your favor and that there is no need to dwell too much on any problem – even because, as a last resort, you can end up realizing that “What cannot be solved is already solved!”

Understand, then, that the problems were never our enemies. They only exist to bring us evolutionary OPPORTUNITIES, to help us change our perspective, to abandon beliefs and concepts that no longer serve us. Therefore, if you want to solve a problem, take your focus away from it, change the pattern of thoughts and, thus, make room for the solution to appear.

Well, now the time for your question has arrived:

– But hey…. how can one do all this?”

Ahhh, that’s the big question!

You just have to control what you feed your mind with.

Yes, it’s possible, believe me!

And this is where MEDITATION comes in.

In short, inside this post you will find not only a meditation method to obtain peace of mind (which is already a great achievement), but also a suggestion on what to do after your mind is slowed down, aiming to completely reinvent yourself.

That said, are you ready to start meditating, gaining peace of mind, reviewing your concepts of value and recreating yourself in a better version of yourself?

If the answer is YES, then….

Come with me!


Would meditation be a way of pausing our mind? Or perhaps a way of transcending it, despite the programmings that are up and running?

When we are interacting with the world, with people, we are in what is called the Waking State, with brain waves at a frequency level called the Beta state. In other words, our brain, through what it receives from the 5 senses, is trying to integrate the external world with the internal one (including the intuition) – not always in a proper way.

When we are in this Beta (or waking) state, the outside world seems much more real to us than the inside world. And when we react to certain stressful situations in life, our brain goes to the highest level of Beta, where we become excessively rational, analytical, extremely focused and, to some extent, confused, because we enter a survival mode, an alertness or emergency mode, where nothing else is accepted for mental processing, unless it is equally striking or exciting.

In this state of maximum alert, we no longer want to learn, grow or repair something, because we are operating in an emergency and focused on it, on the situation that presents itself at that very moment. In such case, we are, therefore, exaggeratedly rational – always evaluating the next moment based on past events and circumstances, and thus projecting possible future risks detected (even if illusory) – we are amplifying the duality and polarizing everything, floating between good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure, more and less, strong and weak, positive and negative.


When we close our eyes and cut this connection to the external world, we end up eliminating 80% of this influence from the physical world – since this is the scientifically estimated percentage of information that enters the brain from the sense of sight, our spatial orientation in the external scenario.

After suppressing the vision, the instant we add a soft musical background, we begin to eliminate external noise and our brain stops processing or paying attention to the outside world. And so the mind begins to change its focus, to slow down, allowing the brain to enter a state of waves that science calls the Alpha State.

According to researches, in Alpha everything is reversed and the inner world becomes more real than the outer world. In other words, in Alpha, what we are dreaming or thinking seems to be more real than the external environment.

And this is where we begin to enter areas of the mind where repetitive programming, habits, conditioning, beliefs and behaviors exist. By disconnecting from the external world, entering Alpha and focusing on a single idea, there may be periods when we lose track of time and space, because the brain starts to reduce other circuits that, for now, are not being requested, like our sense of spatial location, among others.

In this way we can enter a new area of the Being where we are timeless, where we transcend our physicality and many pertinent limitations. In this state of disassociation with the outside world, we can expand our ACCESS to a Greater Consciousness, to the very Essence from which we came and from which we never really left (except within the appearances of the make-believe in which we live here, of the game we call Life).

Finally, through meditation we eventually end up leaving that waking state, excessively rational, analytical and temporal, where we were attached to the 5 human senses that connect us to our experience in physicality. When we leave our physical scenario of everyday life, we make room for waves of probabilities linked to the creative power of the mind, a power that is always backed by the Consciousness which created this mind so that we can dive into the make-believe.

Understand that here at this very level of Relativity, it is the task of our mind (conscious and unconscious) to materialize our Apparent Reality, so that we can in fact immerse ourselves in a scenario mentally created by ourselves, individually, but intertwined with the scenarios created by others Beings within a Multiverse that is yet to be understood by science itself – but whose understanding is, in fact, unnecessary, as it does not matter how we do it all, given that the purpose of our Relative Experience is only to experience ourselves as being apparently inferior to what we actually are, while rescuing ourselves from the make-believe that we call Life (as we know it here).

In the Alpha state, we forget about our life scenario, problems, confusions, frustrations, illusions, and so the past and the future cease to exist. In such a state, we are just BEING!

When they reach that point, most people think that they have already reached the intended goal, because at this very moment an EXTREMELY HIGH emotion emerges, since they finally managed to temporarily eliminate certain inappropriate thoughts that used to disturb them. Understand that those negative thoughts, not by chance, always attract strong provocative feelings translated into the body as emotions that cry out for some proactive reaction (if such emotions that surfaced are properly accepted and experienced). But unfortunately such signs (feelings and emotions) are misinterpreted by minds which lack access to a Greater Consciousness, and thus more inappropriate thoughts emerge, feeding back into all this disturbing cycle.

But when people are finally able to break such closed circuit (even if only temporarily while within their meditation practice), that bad looping in which they were trapped falls apart and allows them to experience a long-desired peace. The first euphorias felt are usually the result of a kind of mental and biological vacation, since certain circuits were deactivated and, with them, an entire chemical imbalance also ceases, allowing this temporary sensation of lightness and disconnection with a physical reality that until then seemed oppressive (fruit of the lack of access to a Higher Consciousness).

Unfortunately most people stop there, because they found such a wonderful and unprecedented feeling that they interpret it as a paradise, an oasis of stillness where they finally found themselves with a higher degree of Consciousness, a Natural State of being that connects them with the Essence from which they came.

However, it happens that it is precisely in this Alpha state that we would have the greatest power to recreate ourselves, to reinvent ourselves – if we so wish, if we put intention and BELIEVE that it is possible, allowing other spheres of our Being to come into action and help us, since it will have been a choice of our Free Will at that moment when we were so connected to our Essence.

So I ask you: why cannot you use these new pertinent feelings and emotions to create a new destiny? Why not recreate yourself intentionally, consciously? Because anyhow, it is not God who creates our Apparent Reality, it is us ourselves who do so, and that has always been the intention of the game, one in which everyone is the God of their own adventure.

In this Post, I propose that you to start creating a new version of yourself, which will infallibly lead you to a new Apparent Reality, a new life scenario.

To this end, I propose that during the meditative state you just start to focus on a particular subject (which you want to evaluate in your life) and then start paying attention to the feelings that appear, which will be expressed in the body as emotions. The latter, if honestly accepted without judgments and properly “surfed”, will lead you to new feelings, new emotions and new psychic states, until you finally get to the root of many problems, by which time you will end up – at some future time, in or out of meditation, awake or dreaming – having epiphanies about certain distorted beliefs that had been limiting you and that no longer match who you choose to be.

You will then be in a position to adjust and guide the reality-creating machine of yours, instead of just shutting up this wonderful Greater Consciousness’ tool: your MIND.

And you will do so by exchanging certain limiting beliefs for others that better express this intentionally chosen new state – which will immediately be reflected in your external scenario, in your daily life.

After all, the human mind was tasked with materializing our Apparent Reality, so that we could one day observe ourselves as being, in practice, the Creators of our own adventure as Creatures, understanding what it is like TO PERCEIVE YOURSELF AS GOD through the adventure of NOT SEEMING TO BE GOD in your daily life.

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Meditation helps you maintain the calm and focus needed to flow more smoothly throughout your life, through the moments of oasis you find within it, allowing (even if temporarily) a better alignment among body, mind and spirit, resulting in countless positive consequences in your life. However, you can also take advantage of this special moment and go further…. Within meditation you can reevaluate the problems in your life, review your distorted beliefs and thus change your Apparent Reality (what you call “your life”).

I want you to understand that meditating just to silence (or transcending) the mind may even help you calm down and, therefore, attract better outcomes for your life, but such meditation alone will not solve your CORE problems, those programmings that are recorded in the back of your mind and which are responsible for the unpleasant experiences that you attract to yourself.

In order to solve deeper problems, someday you will have to face the content of your own mind, either INTENTIONALLY (in a conscious way) or “forced” by the harsh experiences that you yourself attract to evolve, to be able to perceive (to have epiphanies about) distorted programmings that you already have to let go. And this is not as complicated as it looks, see? I suggest that you take advantage of your meditative state so that, inside it, you may find, face and review the causes that lead you to attract certain challenges to your life, to attract recurring problems that, basically, just try to give you the opportunity to review your concepts about yourself and about life, making room for your own evolution.

The process of meditation proposed here consists of learning to lead your conscious mind (that part of your mind that deals with the day-to-day of your awake state) to the paths of your intentional choice, without letting it wander aimlessly, absorbed in itself and hostage to distorted beliefs and diffuse thoughts that inhabit even your unconscious (whose distorted “programmings” were once validated first by the conscious part of the mind – even if in another life).

In order to do this, you will need to learn how to “tame it”. Because anyhow, life (as you know it here) is totally created by you through your own mind – all of that obviously backed by the power of your Greater Consciousness, which gave you Free Will so that you could live the adventure of being simultaneously the Creator and the Creature of your own experience.

Therefore, the idea is to use meditation in order to GENERATE the ideal atmosphere for you to recreate yourself. During it, your mind will be more likely to accept analysis suggestions, to accept your intentional commands and guidelines in order to rediscover yourself at a deeper level. This intention alone, by itself, will trigger a series of disclosure processes sponsored by the focus of this intention and by your Higher Self, which will help you in this endeavor.

The next topics (1.1 and 1.2) present a meditation suggestion, its steps and some considerations. If you find another one that seems more interesting to you, Okay, use it. The important thing is to achieve a state of peace and absence of external noise (disturbances of thought).

Then later, in topics 2 and 3, it will be shown how you can take advantage of this meditative state to realize distorted, limiting and invisible beliefs that normally go unnoticed, but that one day, in some life, had the consent of your conscious mind (that part which deals with the awake hours) to settle in your unconscious. You will have access to a methodology whose goal is to help you find what only seems to be hidden deep in the mind. The intention will be to look for everything that no longer matches who you are choosing to be from now on, and to exchange those beliefs for new ones that your own intuition will point out – but only after the due epiphanies you are about to reach.

So let’s start with a very simple meditation suggestion!

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Some basic recommendations will be suggested to you, but don’t get too attached to the words, feel free to change what you find interesting in the search for a mental space only yours, a “place” where you will find peace, in which everything works perfectly and where there are no limits for creating and daring.

Let’s call this space to be created MIND’S OFFICE, a “fictional office” within which your mind will become increasingly focused and productive in order to help you flow and create the best life scenario you can imagine – which will inevitably influence the external side, your physical life.

Be aware that what is mentally created is not inferior to your physical world, because anyhow your whole life is also a mental creation.

Life doesn’t just happen to you. It is you who create it with your mind!”

In this text, I will gradually explain how you yourself do it (usually without realizing it).

And believe me, your mind is extremely powerful, and it will become an even stronger ally if you intentionally align it with all spheres of your Being. With your mind properly directed and provided with access to a Greater Consciousness, you will be able to trigger all the unlimited power that comes from LOVE – the only real Source of power.

So let’s get started….


A) From now on we will create a “fictional office” in a deep part of your mind, called the MIND’S OFFICE. With some training and pertinent techniques, your mind will become more malleable and susceptible to following your intentional suggestions, so that you can enjoy the peace obtained from meditation to solve life’s problems.

We will create a beautiful and wonderful environment for your MIND’S OFFICE, and with each visit you will make it even more cozy. You will visit it whenever you feel you need to calm your thoughts and/or seek a solution to something that afflicts you. Allow me to guide you in the beginning of this creation in order to facilitate the slowing down of the mind and to enter a deeper and calmer state.

Firstly, know that this MIND’S OFFICE will be located inside the Building of Your Mind.

Find a comfortable position where you can be at ease without external disturbances – it can be either sitting or lying down. Try to stay awake to be able to direct your experience, to be able to guide your mind towards what you will learn here and thus get the best results. However, don’t worry if you end up sleeping sometimes, as it is common to feel sleepy when your mind slows down. And, even if you end up sleeping, a part of your Being will still be active, and your previous intention (before going to sleep) will also serve as material for your Higher Self to assist you in other types of experiences in the state of sleep.

With your imagination, create a huge building on some street in some beautiful city that you can recall or invent. See your name in bold letters on the facade of the gigantic Building of Your Mind. Yes, that is all yours, it represents the power that your mind has. And you can’t even see the end of the building, because it disappears in the clouds and heads towards the skies. Your entry into it will always symbolize your entry into deeper levels of the mind.

Think of a basic scenario that appeals to you, but don’t forget to build also your entire surroundings and entrance with wealth of details, because you will probably visit it for the rest of your life. And at each visit, add something to its look, put ornaments, details, plants, signs, lights, living spaces, coffee shops, access streets, etc. Decorate it as you wish.

B) Enter the Building of Your Mind. Go straight to the unique and exclusive elevator. Yes, it serves only you and nobody else. And there is more, it doesn’t go down, it only goes up heading to the higher levels of your mind. Notice that beside its door there is a huge number “3” with its 5m (16.4 feet) high, in high-relief and embedded in the wall – because you didn’t spare any expense. Your building has a high headroom, which is something very rare in our world. Such a number (“3”) aims to start a countdown and slow down your mind. Now…. Press the elevator’s button, wait for the door to open and step inside.

C) The elevator’s door soon closes and awaits your command. Inside it there is a panel with numbers, but a button in particular glows with the symbol “MO” (MIND’S OFFICE). Press it. This elevator is ultra-fast, and you will arrive almost instantly on a very high floor, up there in the stratosphere of the Earth, where your “office” is. You traveled at a very high speed, without realizing or feeling the effects.

D) When the door opens, you see on the wall in front of you another huge number in high relief, the number 2. It is also 5 meters high, the corridor is high and wide.

E) You get out of the elevator, turn right, walk a few steps and find the number 1, also huge, but now on the floor. As you continue walking you will soon come across 3 small steps. Go up and observe a marking on the floor, with another sequence of numbers (now from 10 to 1, in smaller sizes) painted inside stripes that resemble the colors of the rainbow. Each color is painted on a wide stripe of the floor that goes from one wall to the other, across the wide corridor. You start by stepping on red, where the number 10 is drawn. Then you step on orange (with number 9), yellow (8), and so on until you reach violet (number 1) – which ends that countdown that started down there. Your mind is already a little calmer, but it can still try to get out of the experience, because it usually doesn’t like to be reined in or disciplined. Stay focused and be patient with yourself, this will become easier and easier as you practice. You have the power to drive your mind, don’t allow it to escape into other thoughts.

F) You now go down 3 steps and are faced with a giant door at the end of the corridor, similar to those ornate doors at the entrance to palaces, all inlaid with precious stones. You notice that a key is placed on top of a marble pedestal beside the door. Take it and open the door. Don’t worry, only you have access to all of this. Nobody can get to where you are – never, ever!

G) As soon as you open that huge wide and heavy door, you find another enormous and empty room with a spiral staircase in the center, which goes down in a spiral. You are going deeper into your mind. Don’t worry, you are always safe. The mind has its defense mechanisms, and a part of it has some fears that make it want to protect itself. But it also accepts your suggestions when it realizes that they make sense and that there is a genuinely loving desire in them so that you may rediscover yourself and evolve. You are in charge, not your mind. Because you are not just a body, you are not just a mind. You are a Being who originally transcends all of this. You are now guiding your mind so that it has a chance to perceive, inside your MIND´S OFFICE, certain things that it doesn’t accept to see in the daily life – no matter how many painful experiences try to show you precisely where there is something to be reevaluated. As you descend the spiral staircase, you notice that it makes a single turn on itself and then it turns into a long, straight and wide descent through a soft velvety lilac mist, very cozy.

H) At the end of the staircase there is a mega glass door, you’ve never seen anything like it. On the forehead of the room it’s written “MIND’S OFFICE” , and right below that it’s your name. You take a few more steps and the door opens up automatically, recognizing its master. You enter the room, which seems to have no end, nor ceiling, just a bright light and an aspect of total cleanliness. You notice several doors that one day you will open, and behind them there may be worlds. Rest assured, you will shape your Mind’s Office gradually and in your own way, there are no rules.

I) Now you can see in the foreground a comfortable reclining chair in this huge environment. Sit down on it. Imagine a protuberance on your head with a screw cap on it. Remove this cap and install on the protuberance a balloon which is on a side table. Now, a sieve or imaginary filter will travel through your body, starting at the feet and moving upwards, taking all negative thoughts with it towards the interior of this indestructible balloon. Repeat the process, then release and tie it. It will float away, taking each and every negativity away with it. A beautiful cascade of white liquid with a golden outline appears over you, and it will pour the fluid into this opening in your head, bringing a lot of peace to your mind. Now you can put on the screw cap and consider that you have reached the ideal level of peace for other jobs you will do, properly oriented.

J) In this Office you can create everything you want. You are FREE! Don’t limit yourself, please! All the “Laws of Physics” can be transcended in this exclusive corner of your own. You can even have an airplane hangar inside, a beach that appears when you open a door, a passage to another time or world, an office to treat diseases, wise special advisors who will assist you in each area, miraculous medicines, etc.

Inside your Office you can call people you need to talk to, friends with whom you had a disagreement or even someone who could influence a decision that could end up helping you. Gradually you will learn to get in touch with that part of the other person which is ONE with you. Thanks to our oneness with everything and everyone, the conversations you have in there can reach those people in the physical world, even if they don’t understand it themselves. However, their Free Will is always respected by Nature. You are in there for yourself, to help yourself. So don’t get attached to others’ reactions, everyone is always free. But, in your Mind’s Office, you will be able to give full vent to your emotions and get off your chest those things you were not capable of doing in the physical world in certain situations. And don’t be alarmed if you notice that someone has started to react differently after your mental work. It will be a sign that they felt that dialogue, even if they do not remember it.

Carefully call them into the “virtual” dialogue. Remember that the real power lies IN LOVE. Be loving and compassionate, even if you need to give vent to strong emotions and really tell a few truths to someone who previously treated you badly. Let it out, don’t hold back, give vent to your emotions. Be bolder than you would be in your physical world. However, don’t ever forget that Hay que endurecerse, pero sin perder la ternura jamás(“One must endure without ever losing tenderness”). With love included, the message will have much more power. When saying goodbye to that person, try to do it in a harmonious way.

Well, what has been described so far is the basic meditation process. You will improve it your way on each visit. Over time, each visit will be faster and more productive. Below you will find some additional considerations that can help you a lot.

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You are free to create any process you want within your Mind’s Office, including powerful energies or medicines. The “reality” experienced on a mental level is not inferior to that one lived here in the physical world (the latter being also a mental creation, one where energy is grouped in a form that we perceive as matter).

Within your Mind’s Office, you are free to create everything your mind imagines, even the impossible. And when such intention is aligned with love, it becomes more and more powerful as you practice and believe in it. The frame of the physical world has of course many limitations of expression, and this is intentional. But the fact is that we choose to dive in this physical experience (full of provocations and overwhelming challenges) precisely to have the opportunity of, in exchange, accelerating our evolution as eternal Beings living temporary adventures and returning to the Source that created us and from which we never really left (only in appearances). However, many of the things done inside your Mind’s Office may, even so, influence your human experience for the better. Belief is everything, don’t you ever forget that.


Invite wise characters to be your advisers within your Mind’s Office, so that they can help you with specific tasks. Every time you get there they will receive you. You can call the spirit of a deceased loved one to be a special advisor, or an entity you admire, etc. Feel free to create a doctor with special powers, magic remedies, healing lights, whatever you can imagine. There are no limits! All the power of your Being will come into action to give strength to your creation, as long as your mind makes room for it. Your creation in the physical world ALWAYS goes through your mind, whose beliefs will be materialized in the physical world! Yes, it is through your mind that you create your life scenario! This is how the experience of this level of Relativity was designed to be.


Much is said about reaching a certain vibration or specific frequency. In fact, it hardly matters whether or not you KNOW what is the current frequency value of your vibrations (in Hertz, the measurement unit with which something vibrates, quantified by a frequency meter).

All that is RATIONAL ends up taking you out of contact with the ESSENCE. Quantifying things is always a necessity of our ego, fearful and eager for guarantees.

In the Relative worlds, the only guarantee is called GREATER CONSCIOUSNESS, always available to be accessed when your mind allows it. Don’t worry about frequency values to be reached, let a Greater Wisdom (which is always at your disposal) help you, without having to deal with numbers or technical data.

When people talk about vibrating higher, just consider that it is about seeking a greater alignment between body, mind and soul, followed by a feeling of grace, peace and lightness. Focus on positive thoughts and gratitude, but also KNOWING that even negative thoughts can have their turn and their role in the sense of pushing you towards the light. Don’t reject anything, don’t even fight against negative thoughts, just watch them, let them flow, don’t judge or rationalize anything.

The evil is not the absence of the good, it is THE OWN GOOD disguised as “evil” to force the good to emerge in you. There is no evil. There is only LOVE. That is why it’s said that “everything happens for the good…. always”.

“ONLY LOVE IS REAL, because it is the only Absolute thing within the Relative.”

Focusing on the positive means recognizing anything good in your life – however small it may be – without necessarily rejecting the excellent lessons that always exist behind experiences that are considered unpleasant.

The simple fact of learning to look at the good things in life (starting with the tiniest ones) and be grateful for them will already raise your vibration to a level where thoughts will become more crystalline, precisely because they are being accessed from a Higher Source which doesn’t keep the focus on problems!!!! Because it knows that their solutions already exist and that they are waiting for you to align yourself in order to throw themselves at you!

But when you become grateful even for hard experiences that you do not understand, you enter a level where you no longer reject ANYTHING at all, where you RECOGNIZE that everything happens for your good, however tough the experience may seem.

In order to raise your vibration, just CHOOSE to feel happy and at peace, and start to BELIEVE that this is possible regardless of the life’s scenario in which you are immersed – even if, at the moment, you can feel such happiness only inside your MIND’S OFFICE. Start to believe that, in there, you can do EVERYTHING. And this will gradually overflow into your “outside” world (between dashes, because “inside” and “outside” are just Relative dualities necessary for human experience, but the truth is that everything is INSIDE you, including the Universe itself).

“ – And how can one choose to feel happiness in the midst of chaos?”

Ahhh…. Another big question! Gee, you’re getting smarter, huh? (hehe, I’m just kidding, because JOY is the main ingredient of any successful venture, be it a loving or professional one).

In order to feel joy in the midst of life’s noises, just CHOOSE to feel happy, even though there seem to be no reasons. What induces you to sadness is a mere lack of understanding about What Life Is and about Who You Are beyond the appearances of life itself! Yes, happiness is always a choice that does not depend on the scenario, however dark it may be. Even so, the life’s scenario is just a mind-created illusion, a temporary adventure of an eternal Being which sooner or later will change, because you are “condemned” to return to that Source which not only created you, but that IS YOU…. and from which you have temporarily forgotten just to be able to enter into the game of life and experience yourself AS IF YOU WEREN’T God Himself – a slice of God and simultaneously He(She) in full, in a process where the PART contains the WHOLE, similar to holograms…. make your research on that).

Understand that there is always something good enough to allow you choosing to feel happy…. it’s you who don’t notice it and focus in the wrong direction.

Now…. pay close attention to this: by CHOOSING feeling happy (even with crumbs), you will reap even more happiness in your life, given that “you will always have more of that which is going on inside you”…. and this becomes a cycle that feeds from itself.

That is why the CHOOSED happiness is the seed of itself. You CHOOSE to focus on the “half full” glass instead of considering that the same glass is “half empty”, and you try to feel gratitude for what you already have, without attaching yourself to what you don’t have yet – the state of “NOT HAVING” something is, therefore, the illusion to be transcended. You are a unique and wonderful Being who is only on the way to remember your divinity and cosmic greatness, to remember that EVERYTHING already belongs to you and that you are only in the process of learning to materialize (in your “reality”) what you THINK YOU DON’T HAVE. Be patient with yourself. You are not your past, your defeats, your frustrations. You are not your success or your victories either. You are not even your behavior or your own body itself. You TRANSCEND all these issues, you just forgot this in order to temporarily live the apparent worthlessness in Relativity and have new perceptions of yourself as you expand, in order to have new perceptions of Life itself and of what it feels like BEING GOD through the daily experience of NOT SEEMING TO BE GOD.

So, avoid complaining about what is not good and thank EVERYTHING life brings to you, thank even the hardest experiences.

Life always gives you only what you NEED, and not necessarily what you WANT.”

As you follow these suggestions, stay tuned and notice that your life scenario will begin to change! With each distorted belief you discard, new realities are IMMEDIATELY presented to you!

I assure you!!!!

NOTE: If you just wanted to learn to meditate in order to calm down and have a temporary peace, then you can stop reading here. But if you want to use this focused state of mind to recreate yourself, then continue reading and find out why your mind ends up betraying you and causing you to attract life scenarios that, in the end, you don’t want!

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What you call “your life” (with everything and everyone contained in it) is created by your mind, whether you believe it or not, whether you accept or reject this idea. This is why Quantum Physics already points to the power of thought, already describes that you affect the experiment in front of you (just as Light behaves differently when there is an observer looking at it, alternating wave or particle behaviors depending on the presence or absence of a Consciousness that observes it – and which affects it).

You, therefore, have been given the right to experience yourself as Creator and simultaneously as Creature.

You did want this, nothing was imposed on you!

And so, in order to do all of that, your True Self needed to create a Temporary Self (you, as you know yourself here – from Latin, an “ego”, an “I”) purposely forgotten of its greatness and cosmic origin, so that the Make-Believe of life could begin.

To make all of that possible, your True Self had to create a physical body and also a mind, both completely intertwined with each other.

The body is the mind that can be seen! The mind is the body that cannot be seen!”

It would be up to that mind (temporarily and purposely forgotten of itself) to CREATE its own scenario of life, being that such mind would expand its reach (by itself and life after life) until it could regain its access to a Full Consciousness and you could finally emerge from the game.

Understand that the purpose of human experience, thus, is to allow that each person CREATE their “reality” through the focus of their CONSCIOUS MIND (even if the latter is influenced by the unconscious while the person doesn’t make conscious the unconscious). And all of this just so that each person may experience themselves in another way, in order to have a different perspective of themselves, of Life itself and of the Greater Consciousness (or God, Love…. name it as you wish).

The Universe is, therefore, a huge machine of REACTIVE CREATION, because it reacts to what you think, speak, feel and do – elements that, in turn, are obviously affected by your conscious and unconscious BELIEFS (which end up influencing you totally, no matter how distorted they may be).

In other words, your life’s scenario is a reflection of your mind as a whole, but whose unconscious part ends up (by virtue of Free Will) having to respect the decisions of your CONSCIOUS MIND (that awake part of the mind, which deals with day to day), which, in turn, is also affected by the unconscious, forming an interactive cycle between the two. This cycle feeds on itself, but it is always constantly reevaluated by the CONSCIOUS part of the mind, which will hone (life after life and intentionally) the content of the entire unconscious mind, validating or changing everything that can enter or remain there, forming a set of values that will always end up influencing you and, consequently, influencing your life scenario (which will reflect you). Thus, the results materialized in practice (by your mind) will give you new feedback, where you will again reevaluate your beliefs through what you have reaped (created) in practice, and so AD INFINITUM, until one day you become enlightened, when you will fully access the Greater Consciousness, becoming aware that the Creator was always YOU, and now realizing your ONENESS with everything and everyone in a way never seen before. At this time you will be at the level of God and you will realize that, in fact, you have always been Him (Her).

The conscious mind (that part which is awake to everyday tasks), therefore, is not only the window of communication between the outer and inner worlds, but it is also mainly the “steering wheel” through which you and your creative Free Will guide the paths of your intentional choices – thus allowing you to intentionally choose what you want for yourself, what you want to register as good, bad, dangerous, interesting, etc. in your mind as a whole, aiming to facilitate your future experiences.

In other words, it is through the focus of the conscious mind (but simultaneously susceptible to the set of values previously inserted by you in the unconscious mind) that you record or alter your VALUES and BELIEFS about the experiences, the information and impressions that you live, value, fear or reject.

The unconscious mind will then end up influencing you again based on both the set of values recorded in it and the response of the intuitive part (which manifests itself through the strong connection of the unconscious mind with the spirit). And this intuitive part is always trying to guide you in the best possible direction – respecting your set of values at the time.

This exchange system (such come and go of information) keeps evolving life after life as the CONSCIOUS MIND validates or invalidates unconscious programming that it evaluates against new scenarios attracted by the mind as a whole, changing – whenever it deems necessary – the beliefs that inhabit the unconscious (to which the creative machine of the Universe will react in response, altering the attracted scenario and allowing you to have another new perception of what you yourself created, however much you often end up doing it in an unconscious way).

It is the task of the Universe (or Higher Self) to bring you experiences that reflect the set of values of your mind. This is the purpose of this experience of Relativity, where we, gods, would experience ourselves AS IF we were not what we ALWAYS WERE: God Himself! Everything and everyone around you will always corroborate what goes inside of you, what is inside of your mind (beliefs). That is why I repeatedly affirm that “Each person creates his(her) world and IS a world apart” – just take into account that we live in a Multiverse with infinite parallel Universes and infinite versions of everything and everyone around you. That is why you will always attract that scenario that best matches what is happening inside of you!

You will always have more of what is going on inside of you!”

It is of vital importance that you understand that, at a certain point in your journey (even if it has been in another existence of yours), it was your conscious mind that accepted and cataloged experiences and thoughts as being something relevant, edifying, dangerous, traumatic, insignificant or still to be hidden very “far” from your conscious side, pushed to the bottom of the unconscious – always confronting the set of values that prevailed until then with the new attracted experiences, constantly reprogramming the unconscious mind in a new way taking into account the experience you lived (and attracting new experiences according to this new mental programming, in order to face everything again and validate or reject beliefs based on what you have just experienced). It is an endless cycle until the mind expands to embrace a growing consciousness, eventually reaching the Greater Consciousness, when at last you will have returned to the Source or, as people say, fully enlightened.

It is worth mentioning that this process takes lives to happen, many lives (hundreds, thousands). But why the rush? You entered this adventure on purpose, knowing that you would always be safe (even in the worst scenario). You are an eternal Being!!!!

And there’s more…. If we take into account that you are “doomed” to return to the Source that created you, then there is no reason to rush things up.

So enjoy the ride! Stop worrying about everything. Stop complaining about what you DON’T HAVE…. You yourself created such an illusion (consciously or unconsciously), do you understand it? So don’t complain about what you yourself create, just understand that you are in the process of becoming what you ALWAYS WERE (but you still don’t remember): The Greater Consciousness itself.

However (there is always a catch), the “danger” (just apparent) begins with a distortion of perception. That is, the game of life becomes painful due to some distortions that we end up accepting and perpetuating.

Think about this…. Since the unconscious mind holds much of the mental and intuitive potential (the latter coming from other spheres of your Being), many people end up attributing to it (to the unconscious mind) certain superpowers, some degree of obscurantism and even some guilt for the misfortunes and disasters faced in daily life. And with that, they start to fear the unconscious mind, avoiding looking at it, avoiding looking WITHIN themselves – which is the ideal “place” for you to rediscover yourself and evolve.

The unconscious holds more than 90% of the mental potential, and it is even an unlimited bridge to the spirit! Yet, who guides your Apparent Reality, your life scenario, is your Conscious Mind (that part of the mind awake for everyday life) – even if influenced by what it itself allowed to settle in the unconscious. The content of the unconscious mind is available to the conscious mind only in a “disguised” way, hence the difficulty in identifying certain invisible and paralyzing beliefs that inhabit there.

However, despite all the potential of the unconscious mind, all the distorted programming that reside in it ended up one day passing through the analysis and filter of the Conscious Mind, which accepted, validated, denied or rejected whatever came to it.

Finally, understand that it is in your Conscious Mind that, therefore, lies the key to your growth.

Because if you consciously / intentionally allowed (however much you disagree) certain self-defense programming to settle in your mind to protect you from something, you only did it because at the time you interpreted it as if it were something dangerous, due to pure lack of access to a Greater Consciousness at that moment of your journey. But calm down, that was intentional, your True Self WANTED to experience itself in that exact way, forgotten of itself and, little by little, remembering Who It Is, Who It Always Was and Always Will Be: GOD – a slice of Him and simultaneously He (She) in full, in a process where the PART contains the WHOLE, similar to the holograms (make your research). This was the purpose of the game, the “make-believe” of life: to live the experience of REALIZING YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE GOD through the adventure of NOT SEEMING TO BE GOD on the daily life.

Now it will be up to you to REALIZE that you no longer need to embrace certain distorted beliefs, which may even have helped you at some point in your journey, but that no longer match who you CHOOSE to be from now on. And you will realize all of this by expanding your mind as a whole, by expanding your ACCESS to a Higher Consciousness, making CONSCIOUS the UNCONSCIOUS and getting rid of what does not match who you ALREADY FEEL YOU ARE beyond the appearances of Life’s game!

Here is why it is so interesting for you to think about doing a WORK in your mind, using Meditation to speed up and facilitate this – as long as you want that, because we are always free to experience ourselves as we please….

We are eternal, aren’t we?

Why the rush?

This desire of rediscovering yourself – of becoming a better version of yourself – must come from within, must be genuine, otherwise it will not even work.

The secret, then, is that it is up to you — with your Free Will — to expand the access of this conscious part of the mind, increasing its amplitude to encompass not only the content of the unconscious, but of the universe itself.

In order to do so, CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS!

Start by deciding, therefore, that NOTHING else is unconscious to you (because anyhow you transcend not only your body, but even your mind, and you can INDEED do this).

In other words, the conscious mind can thus increase more and more its access to a Higher Consciousness, becoming increasingly integrated and unified with everything and everyone, with values progressively more aligned with the Greater Consciousness.

It would therefore be a kind of superconsciousness, if you prefer. Of course, due to the limitations of our level of Relativity, maybe we cannot be able to express 100% of this High Consciousness here on Earth right now, but this expression can certainly go far beyond the current level of basic human consciousness – which is still only slightly above the instinctive level in most people (however much they don’t admit or don’t accept this truth).

As for the ego (that temporary character you THINK you are), understand that it was NEVER your enemy as they say out there. The ego is also you — a part of you forgotten of itself, but necessary so that the game of life could begin at this level of Relativity. Therefore, the ego does not need to be overcome, fought against, defeated or even transcended, but only assimilated by your True Self as the Temporary Self allows space for the Greater Consciousness to manifest in it.

That “Expanding Universe Theory” also applies to the mind, which is, likewise, ALWAYS expanding itself.

Do not fear an ego that, in its limited perspective, struggles to “survive” as you expand towards a Greater Consciousness, as you increasingly detach yourself from the identification with this temporary character and diminish the connection of the mind with the illusion (the Relative), broadening the ACCESS to your Essence – a process that the ego interprets as its death and, therefore, struggles to hold you hostage to a set of values that no longer satisfy you.

That is why the ego always tries to sabotage you. The ego is nothing more than an intentional construction of your psyche (which was necessary for the Relative experience), but which ended up being permeated by fears and distorted beliefs, always THINKING that it needs to protect itself from an illusory danger which, in turn, is fruit of a lack of Higher Consciousness.

The challenge of the game is that you realize you are not this ego with which you temporarily identify yourself; the challenge is that you realize you are an immortal Being which is always protected – despite the illusions of the scenario.

Now, how can you find these limiting beliefs that keep you from expressing the best version of yourself?

Ahhh, this is the reason why you yourself attracted this text to your life!


Do you still want to expand your ACCESS to the Greater Consciousness?

So…. Come with me!

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Do you want to change what you don’t like about your life scenario?

Then the kind of meditation proposed here can put you in the ideal state of mind to review the attraction mechanisms that are at work within you, which are responsible for creating all the experiences of your life. This is because life does not just happen to you, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CREATES IT, including EVERYTHING that comes to you – because you are 100% responsible for EVERYTHING that happens to you…. EVERYTHING, without exception!!!!

The mind is a very powerful tool of the Greater Consciousness. And here at this level of Relativity, your Apparent Reality is nothing more than a mental creation made by yourself, usually in an unconscious way (as mentioned before).

Therefore, within the adventure of your life, you may be just a passenger who reacts to what you have created unconsciously, as well as you may learn to become the conscious creator of your own adventure. Regardless of the path, you are always responsible for everything that comes to you. And, as previously described, this “reality” of yours is created through your THOUGHTS, WORDS, FEELINGS and ACTIONS. These are the paints you use to paint the scenario, the painting of your own Life! However, all of these elements (these paints) are closely intertwined with your personal BELIEFS.

It is up to the Universe’s machine to create a life scenario that will ALWAYS reflect that which is going on INSIDE you.

Ahhh, and believe me…. Everything and everyone will really reflect you, will corroborate your beliefs, even the most terrible ones.

And you know what? That’s exactly how it is meant to be the experience of a human being within Relativity (even if he/she has not yet realized).

As already explained before, I insist on making it clear that you really wanted to become a Temporary Self (a character) purposely forgotten of its origin so that you could play as if you were just a minuscule Being, a tiny human almost forgotten within the immensity of the universe – just to have a completely different perspective from everything you USED TO THINK you already knew from your previous point of view! But this new condition of yours is temporary, because little by little (life after life) you will begin to realize that you can guide all of your creation in a conscious way, that you do not have to be a life’s passenger apparently at the mercy of what comes to you (because anyhow it is always you yourself who create everything that comes to you, whether that creation is done consciously or unconsciously). In other words, you keep going ahead in your process of rescuing your channels of access to a Greater Consciousness until one day — in some life — you will realize that EVERYTHING is INSIDE you!

However, as long as you are here as a Being returning to your Source, you are in the process of REMEMBERING all of this. And whether you accept it or not, it is your BELIEFS that are creating literally everything and everyone contained in your experience.

Each person creates their individual world and also IS a world apart!”

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The benefits of meditation will always be limited if you do not take advantage of this moment of greater peace to review your distorted beliefs. Understand that life is always conspiring to bring you the ideal experience so that you evolve as a Being who purposely forgot its greatness in order to start the game of life as you know it here.

Meditation provides an ideal setting to accelerate this process of reviewing limiting and distorted concepts that you “bought”, “borrowed” from others or created in your mind.

Understand, then, that allowing beliefs to create your REALITY is the objective of the Game of Life (as you know it here). In other words, you wanted to enter an experience where you would have to create your “reality” through a conscious mind (through that part of the mind which deals with the awake state of the daily life), with total Free Will so that you could change the content of the mind as a whole (including the unconscious part of it) whenever you found it necessary — succeeding and failing until one day you could finally realize that “everything originates from you, and to you it returns”, until you could realize that YOU are the Creator of everything!

In this process, the beliefs that you yourself inserted into your mind will always be used by it as a filter to evaluate the experiences that it itself — as the creative machine — materializes in your daily life. And your mind will discard everything that does not fit into its set of values and will focus on what corresponds to that set, until one day you realize that it is up to YOU to be the pilot of your own mind (and not the other way around), that it is up to you to drop certain concepts that no longer match who you choose to be at that moment…. altering the content of your mind and thus allowing the scenario created by it to change, since other different experiences will now be attracted by new beliefs adopted.

Understand that you are in the process of realizing all of this, of realizing that your beliefs make you attract / create exactly what you expect – however “wrong” and painful it may be. Be aware that you affect everything around you, and so each atom, each molecule, each person or universe WILL REFLECT YOU.

That is why it is right to say that “each person creates his world and IS a world apart”.

After many lives (hundreds, thousands of them…. and each one of them lived in infinite versions of parallel worlds [wow, imagine the number of “flight hours”, the size of this adventure]), one day you will finally begin to realize that you NEED to review certain concepts (beliefs) that influence the way you THINK, TALK, FEEL and ACT (the “paints” with which you paint your life scenario).

All your thoughts, words, feelings and actions always end up passing through the filter of your set of beliefs. Everything is interconnected and, therefore, affecting even the chemical balance of your body. Your body is a divine work, and although it is resilient and bravely resists the distorted beliefs of the mind, one day it will reflect them and you will become ill. But, just as you created this disease firstly in the mind (and then reflected in the body), you can also reverse the process.

The danger begins only when you refuse to face the content of your mind. Be aware that the very intention to get to know yourself more deeply and face the reality of your experiences (the reasons that lead you to attract certain undesirable situations) may already be extremely beneficial, because through that way the related emotions will show up, crying out for the impetus of some action that may generate change.

Nobody can do that for you.

Your Higher Self can – and wants – to help you, but it respects your choices and beliefs, even the most limiting ones, because it respects your total Free Will and also knows that you are in your own process of discovering your original and cosmic identity, the one that transcends the appearances of the Temporary Self that you think you are. But hey, you are much more than that image that you see reflected in the mirror every day, you just forgot about it…. TEMPORARILY!

And this is how it is to be the mentally created game that you call “your life” (as you know it here). This forgetfulness of your original identity (called Consciousness Obnubilation) was necessary so that you could intentionally immerse yourself in the Make-Believe and thus start the game.

You will always be safe, even on the verge of the most terrible experience. They are only temporary experiences of an eternal Being! Don’t take everything too seriously….

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Let me show you, reader, how beliefs can be persuasive and treacherous at the same time. Here are some examples:


Many people imagine that in order to have good mental health, they must always be positive, cheerful, polite, without ever showing sadness or disappointment.

However, this belief alone can induce you to prevent the flow of many contrary emotions (such as emotions of negativity, sadness, irritation or disappointment).

When trying to be always positive and turning a blind eye to other emotions, you would therefore be making the mistake of denying certain natural dimensions of the human experience that could otherwise help you clean both body and mind (by drawing these negative emotions out of you, instead of holding them back and paying dearly in the future).

If you are convinced that certain negative feelings are dangerous, then again this belief alone will generate a fear of those feelings, which you will try to avoid at all costs. And then you can almost panic whenever you demonstrate anything other than the “reasonable” behavior you expect from yourself.

Understand that you can even stifle your emotions, but as unpredictable and powerful as they may seem to you, yet they are not your enemies, not even those that seem dark to you. They are trying to help you realize something. Realize, therefore, that the fault lies in the beliefs themselves, and not in the emotions. Don’t reject them! Accept them, embrace them and allow them to flow within you.

If you shut yourself off to natural feelings, you lose touch with your essence, you lose your balance and the natural harmony of your Being.

Be aware that your conscious mind is equipped to activate an infinity of special abilities according to your beliefs about the nature of reality. And these resources are considerable, as they have the powers of the Greater Consciousness, of which you are only superficially aware.


Understand that you will never be able to feel really happy as long as you believe you are not entitled to happiness. If this is your case, then if you notice a bit of happiness at some point, you may even feel guilty for enjoying something you judge you don’t deserve – who knows why, but there is no denying that this is recorded somewhere in the mind due to the value that you still give to something that is already gone. The past has the value it is given to it! Forgive yourself truly (and decide not to make that same mistake that marked you so much anymore) may be enough to neutralize an unhealthy belief. Remember, you are not your past, it does not define Who You Really Are (beyond the appearances of this game of life).


You cannot allow yourself to be energetic (and show your real emotions of discontent with others) if you think it is tremendously wrong to do that. And so you start to dam up a natural energetic expression, which will accumulate until one day it inevitably explodes…. for no apparent reason. And it will, believe me!

Many people are convinced that showing anger or irritation is ALWAYS a negative thing, which is why they wear a smile mask in order not to be interpreted as bad. And, again, they dam up emotions, which one day will seek their escape valve, which may result in some act of uncontrolled physical violence.

Irritation towards others, if shown, can be a stimulating and therapeutic emotion, under certain circumstances. From this act, you can realize that you have been acting cowardly in the face of contradictory beliefs for years, and then you can decide to rise up in revolt against them (the beliefs) and, literally, start a new life of freedom. On the contrary, pretending that everything is fine and damming up irritation or anger will almost always end in some act of violence at some point in the future. Among animals, it is a very common and a healthy thing to let a certain “natural aggressiveness” flow through non-verbal signals sent to counterparts, and it AVOIDS violence, rather than sponsoring it. The freedom to show irritation or dissatisfaction towards someone denotes high self-esteem, and it is something that prevents a situation of physical combat, instead of sponsoring it.

Violence is a distortion of this “natural aggressiveness” when its demonstration (via signs of dissatisfaction) is often suppressed.


Another problematic belief that haunts many people.

If you have been told that your spirit is always good – indeed, perfect – and that you must therefore seek such perfection, but at the same time you flirt with the idea of the body’s imperfection, then you will always be in conflict with yourself. You will always find yourself one step far from expressing your own greatness, you will always have reason to see yourself as less of a person.

If it seems to you that your spirit is degraded by its alliance with the flesh, then you will not be able to appreciate all the magic of your Being while incarnated, because you do not consider yourself special and worthy enough.

Your emotions are always subject to being evaluated according to your own value filters, however distorted they may be. You will always try to make the outside world fit into your belief system, going so far as to ignore signs that are not in line with what you believe. Your mind even captures them, but it — limited by the beliefs you have inserted into it — places those signs in an almost invisible compartment.


Although your spirit is dressed in flesh and blood right now, it really wanted to experience exactly THIS reality, AND NOT REJECT IT. However, philosophies that teach the denial of your physical creature side (denial of the flesh) end up preaching the denial of the Self itself – and building a contempt for it. All of these religious philosophies and dogmas use a lot of “artificial guilt” to induce people in a certain direction, and so “natural guilt” (very well used by animals intuitively) is distorted to serve those nefarious manipulative purposes. And a part of your mind will love using COMPASSION to exacerbate “artificial guilt”, making you a hostage to self-imposed illusions.

Understand, therefore, that only to the human being is given the right and total freedom to create – through their mind – their Apparent Reality (which they call “their lives”), always with total Free Will and even with the possibility of being able to deny both their basic instincts and their higher intuition, which also makes room for them to be able to blame themselves for the past or suffer for a projected future…. things that an animal doesn’t have to face – which makes the human challenge a lot more complex.

This creative freedom also easily opens the way for the “artificial guilt” (self-imposed guilt) to end up nullifying the perfection of the “natural guilt” system that exists in all Beings in order to guide them in the best possible way while they are expressing themselves as Relativized Beings.

Be that as it may, in religious philosophies it is always sold to the devotee the idea that THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG in his/her earthly experience.

Therefore, the devotee is led almost unconsciously – and by virtue of his own existence – to consider himself an inferior or evil creature while expressing himself as a Being in a physical body.

How much obscurantism has been inflicted on humanity in the name of holding it hostage to a nefarious domain…. What a shame!!!!

And when someone feels inferior or evil, this feeling for itself will cause an adverse experience, leading the person to reject the basis of his/her own experience scenario – which, I remember again, was the spirit’s intention (to express itself physically to have a different perspective of itself, of Life and of God). The person will consider his(her) body as a fantastic vehicle of expression, but never as a natural living expression (in the material form) of his PERFECT BEING.

Many Eastern schools (as well as numerous other schools on spiritualism) also reinforce the enormous importance of the “unconscious levels of the Self”, and teach you to distrust the conscious mind (the awake part that deals with everyday life)…. Why, of all things, distrusting the conscious mind? It is the greatest responsible for creating your life scenario — the latter always reflecting everything that is going on inside you (consciously or unconsciously). Understand that even those beliefs that are at the bottom of the unconscious got settled in there FIRSTLY with the consent of the conscious part, of the awake part of the mind – even if in another life of yours. That is why your conscious mind is the great responsible for everything, and only through it (even if it is also with the help of your intuition) you will be able to resolve those distortions recorded in your own unconscious (and which also create your apparent reality).

The concept of Nirvana and the idea of heaven are two philosophical versions of the same general picture. Nirvana (in Sanskrit = “extinction”) being that version where desire and individual consciousness are suppressed (extinct) in order to try to achieve the ecstasy of perfect and suffering-free peace, while the idea of heaven being that version where individuals (who are still conscious) remain in meaningless worship also in order to try to reach an ecstasy of a full, happy and pain-free life.

None of the theories contains an understanding of the conscious mind’s functions or its expansion and evolution throughout the lives of a Being that is always moving forward towards the rescue of the Greater Consciousness that originated it — and from which it never really left (only within the make-believe in which it lives).

No energy is lost. The Expanding Universe Theory also applies to the mind, which is also ALWAYS expanding.

However, such philosophies about spiritualism can lead you to a profound lack of confidence in both your body and mind. That’s because when trying to live up to the standards of the spirit’s perfection – completely impossible to achieve in human expression (and this is not even the purpose of this experience) – failure is inevitable, and so this attempt will add up to a growing sense of guilt.

By doing so, you will end up trying to banish the appreciation for your creature side and, consequently, denying both the vigorous spirituality behind your flesh (physical body) as well as the strong physical (bodily) inclination that your spirit seeks at this point in its journey.

Some religious philosophies can be strongly convinced of the misery of the human condition, amplifying the strong obscurantism that already exists in our world and foreseeing an imminent world destruction…. without really dealing with the beliefs that give rise to such constant feelings.

In many cases, all the most dignified human attributes are amplified and then attributed to a Superconsciousness (God), while those less admirable characteristics are attributed to the race and the individual, always seen as fallible or impure.

The individual, therefore, deprives himself (herself) of the use of many of his abilities, FOR THE SIMPLE BELIEF in his inferiority. He does not consider any higher skill to be an innate attribute of his, and is even astonished and incredulous when others of his race demonstrate such superior qualities.

Understand that you are a perfect being, a masterpiece of God, a slice of Him and simultaneously He (She) in its entirety! And as much as your behaviors do not reflect this yet, it is only a matter of time (days, years, lives, centuries, millennia) for you to blossom and shine with all your original light! Keep in mind that you already are a magnificent Being, even while expressing the opposite of that in a game from which you cannot come out as a loser (unless temporarily). It doesn’t matter your past, your mistakes, hits, failures or successes. You are destined to reflect again Who You Always Were: God! In this game of life, there are no CHOSEN ONES, because no one is judged and segregated by a higher sphere! And although many are INVITED to open themselves to the Greater Consciousness, there are usually few of them DECIDED to do it!

Many are called, but few are CHOSEN RESOLUTE!”

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Emotions are the expressions of feelings in the body.

The fear of your emotions — and the consequent repression of them — can do much more damage than if you chose to allow yourself to express them.

We have been taught to avoid facing certain negative emotions or scary thoughts, rather than accepting them and letting them flow so that they naturally lead us to the root of any problem, to the causes of any negative beliefs. If these emotions were seen as allies, we could travel through them towards feelings of joy and victory, achieving a release from that prison provided by the distorted beliefs or negative thoughts that originated such emotions.

Unfortunately, it is at these times that many accept the path of drugs, where such negative feelings and thoughts are thrown at the person – or forced out of him(her) – while he is denied (due to the effect of drugs) the stabilizing comforts of the conscious mind (the awake part of the mind), which, drugged, is devoid of its usual mechanisms for dealing with the world it knows.

Accept your emotions as your partners in the sense of indicating distorted beliefs in your mind. “Surf” these emotions and let them point out what is behind them, what motivates them. See them as your allies on the path of awakening.

However, you must first learn not to fear them – which is an almost instinctive reaction for most people. Understand, then, that experiencing emotions is not the same as accepting them as affirmations of Who You Are, as facts about your own existence. Beliefs are not truths about you, they are just…. ideas that create a reality which reflects them in daily life.

If you don’t like what you see as your life scenario, then CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS.

And in order to begin this process, just DO WISH to find these distortions. Having made this choice intentionally and truthfully, all the help from the universe will be brought to you, because you are much more than this temporary character with whom for the moment you identify with.

Through some self-analysis, almost everyone will find areas in which emotions are expressed only to a certain extent. In this case, they are not followed and processed in a proper way.

Understand that if you deny the validity of an emotion itself and pretend you don’t see it, then you will never be led to QUESTION what is the belief behind that emotion.

Know that all feelings take you somewhere, it is never unproductive to “surf” your emotions and try to understand the roots of that reaction. This can lead you to another feeling, and then to another…. until, as you let it flow, you rediscover yourself.

Your emotions will always lead you to realize your own beliefs – if you don’t stop this process. You are never at the mercy of your emotions – unless you fear them. Emotions are always impulses that cry out for an action, that ask for a physical attitude.

When you are not aware of the content of your mind and you choose not to be fair to your feelings — not to give vent to them — then, amigo, you are in trouble.

By letting yourself be carried away by the feelings (and by the consequent emotions generated in the body), you reintegrate body, mind and spirit, unifying your bodily, mental and intuitive states. However, when you try to deny or fight against feelings and emotions, you DENY your own Essence (which is always sending you sensations in order to try to help you).

Allow yourself to flow with emotions and do not impede the flow of feelings from one moment to the next, thus giving space for the natural creativity of many spheres of your Being to guide you towards a therapeutic solution – often also obtained through other paths that you do not even imagine, such as dream experiences. Yes, your Greater Self helps you through many ways, and that includes even your dreams (as long as YOU allow it and want it). And your Greater Self is always looking for solutions when guiding your conscious mind in those directions that will attract a help which was always at your disposal – but rarely requested.

Any emotion will lead you to some other emotion or feeling if you experience it honestly. Otherwise you block an entire natural flow, damming up unwanted energies.

Allow the light of your Being to illuminate any distorted belief systems you hold. You will soon realize that you ONLY FEEL in a certain way BECAUSE of a mere idea that justifies such a reaction.

If right now you find yourself spinning aimlessly and frightened, trying to suppress every negative idea that comes to mind, then how about asking yourself why do you believe so much in the destructive power of the slightest negative thought?

Now pay attention:

The body is the mind that can be seen! The mind is the body that cannot be seen!”

Body and mind are one only thing, apparently separated from each other but closely intertwined. However, together they have a unified self-regulatory system that allows their own healing to take place — if we do not interfere. Here also applies that idea initially expressed in this publication, the maxim which says, “every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution” – but the causes of the problem must be faced honestly. In this endeavor, each emotion or feeling is a clue to the resolution of the conflict behind any belief that generates an unwanted reality.

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There are 2 ways of reaching the roots of your beliefs:

A) The most objective way is to dialogue with yourself, preferably writing down all of your beliefs in the most diverse areas. You may end up finding that you believe in different things at different times. Yes, there will be quite evident contradictions. They represent opposite beliefs that regulate both your emotions and the conditions of your body — and even your physical experience. Examine the conflicts and soon it will emerge some invisible beliefs which unite those APPARENTLY conflicting attitudes. These invisible beliefs are simply those you consciously CHOOSE to ignore, even though you know them. This is because they represent areas of conflict that you chose to avoid…. so far. Ah, but they will always be readily available as soon as you are determined to examine the contents of your entire mind (your beliefs, your values, your fears, your wounds, your terrifying thoughts, etc.), knowing that all of the distortions recorded in the unconscious were firstly validated by the conscious mind at some point of some life of your long journey back to the Source.

B) Another way to reach these beliefs is to work backwards, that is, to evaluate your emotions in order to find the pertinent beliefs, as it has already been pointed out.

Whatever your choice, one method will lead to another, they are intertwined and will show basically the same thing: the cause, the root of everything, the seemingly antagonistic beliefs (and the connecting belief between them), the paralyzing beliefs and even the invisible ones (apparently hidden from you, but always readily available to your conscious mind focused on finding them). You do not need to know how the Universe will bring you what you seek, just keep in mind that you will be helped by many spheres.

Both approaches require total honesty with yourself and courage to let yourself be carried away by the thoughts, emotions and feelings that you have avoided so much for so long.

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No one is a slave to the mind!

It is not your mind itself that affects you, but the ERRONEOUS CONTENT that you have inserted into it, whether in this or another life, believe it or not.

The mind is not the problem! It never was and never will be!!!! There is a lot of erroneous belief on this subject.

The mind is AMAZING and it is your greatest ally. It is not your enemy, it is the most fantastic Consciousness’ tool “within” Relativity.

Be aware that your mind was tasked with materializing all the content that you inserted into it, giving you the opportunity to be the God of your own adventure, the Creator of the Creature that you simultaneously also are!

But of course that your mind gets CONFUSED when filled with distorted beliefs that YOU YOURSELF allowed to enter and settle there – as well as everything your mind creates under your command (whether conscious or unconscious) also gets confused. That is, all of the Apparent Reality your mind materializes (and which you call “your life”) also ends up getting confused and lost.

I want you to understand that it was you yourself , at some point in your eternal journey, who inserted all beliefs into your mind (including the most distorted, harmful and dark ones).

And you know what? You have always done it CONSCIOUSLY, with the clear intention of doing so, even if, later, you pushed all of that into the unconscious, sponsored by fear, suffering and, mainly, lack of Consciousness!

Be aware that any belief inserted in your mind had firstly to go through the appraisal and approval of the conscious part of the mind, of that awake part of the mind which deals with everyday life. And certain beliefs were recorded and labeled by you yourself as being dangerous – for sheer lack of access to a Higher Consciousness.

But hey, chill out…. This is precisely how the Relative experience was designed to be. It’s part of the game, don’t be scared. You forgot Who You Were on purpose, just to enter the game, to insert yourself into a scenario, through a character, a Temporary Self (an ego — from Latin, an “I”, a “Self”). And so you ended up getting a little bit “contaminated” with the game.

But don’t take it too seriously, don’t worry too much, because not even your ego – your temporary identity, this character you see in the mirror every day – is your real enemy, it’s just a play. One day you will rescue yourself from this gigantic, multidimensional and “long” adventure. But in order to do so, you will first have to “straighten out” the distorted content of the mind as a whole, through the focus given to all of its content when analyzed by the CONSCIOUS MIND, seeking to review distorted beliefs and false truths that you take for granted in your mind.

And the process is not at all complex, see? And no, you do not have to be a psychologist or a learned person to do that.

By the way, keep in mind that life is always trying to help you to revise your beliefs, but unfortunately you don’t even notice it. Know that each experience you attract has an evolutionary purpose, and you yourself are the creator of all of these experiences, even if almost always through an unconscious way.

However, there is a way of changing that, of using your own mind to reinvent yourself. It is just to investigate its content in a very simple yet objective way – and thus speed up your process of evolution.

This is when meditation can help you to create the ideal atmosphere for WORKING ON THE MIND – as long as you have a greater purpose and you allow yourself to go beyond that goal of just SHUTTING UP the mind.

After quieting or transcending the mind and creating that ideal atmosphere, I propose that you begin to reinvent yourself with each visit to a so-called MIND’S OFFICE, which you were already taught to create (during meditation ) in this very Post you are reading now.

When we learn to meditate and manage to slow down or transcend the mind, we finally find a wonderful and unprecedented feeling, because at this moment an EXTREMELY higher emotion emerges, since at last we managed to silence certain inappropriate thoughts, which used to produce certain unpleasant feelings which – when improperly interpreted by minds devoid of the due access to the Greater Consciousness – fed back more misaligned thoughts, and so on (as already explained at the beginning of this post).

Through meditation, we broke that bad looping in which we were stuck for lack of access to a Higher Consciousness which could put some Light on such mental darkness.

We then began to feel a certain euphoria when meditating, the result of a kind of mental and biological vacation, since certain circuits were deactivated and, with them, a whole chemical imbalance too, when then it begins to emerge a feeling of lightness coming from the disconnection with a physical reality apparently oppressive so far (also due to the lack of access to a Higher Consciousness).

And so, by slowing the mind down we eventually end up finding a kind of paradise, an oasis of stillness where we come across a higher degree of Consciousness.

But unfortunately most people stop there, they don’t take meditation to a next stage, to a level where they could take much more advantage of it in order to reinvent themselves. Understand that it is precisely in this Alpha meditative state that we would, therefore, have the greatest power to recreate ourselves, to reconstruct ourselves – if we so wish, if we put intention and if we BELIEVE it is possible, allowing other spheres of our Being to come into action and help us.

This Post was created just for you to optimize your meditation. So, try to take advantage of this moment of peace in order to start evaluating the contents of your mind, instead of just shutting it up.

Think about it…. Many philosophers see the mind almost as an enemy to be fought, transcended, overcome, defeated at all costs or silenced, precisely because that part of our mind devoid of Consciousness often takes away all peace and makes our journey a terror.

Therefore, it is obvious that we will experience something fantastic and pleasurable during the time in which that “disturbed” part of our mind (that part devoid of access to a Higher Consciousness) is temporarily silenced or transcended. But that is where the danger is. Our mind is not responsible for our misfortunes. Pay attention to this…. Everything that happens in our life (including problems and confusions) is, for sure, materialized by our mind (the scenario-building machine), but not for its fault, but rather because of all kinds of beliefs that we ourselves have consciously inserted into it throughout lives — many of which we, out of fear or misunderstanding, ended up pushing there to the bottom of the mind, making the mind’s programmings run in an unconscious and automatic way. And our mind will always obey the commands and programmings of its master (us), since this is its function (to transform everything that we have inserted in it into a physical scenario). Understand, then, that everything that lies in the unconscious mind was validated firstly (in some life of yours) by the conscious part of the mind, by the part that takes care of the waking state.

Soothing, transcending or “shutting up” a noisy mind, therefore, is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, it is even something that has extreme potential. However, there is an enormous hidden danger behind this, which appears when you – with such an idea of ​​silencing the mind – start to consider it as inadequate (even if you do it in an unconscious or indirect way). In doing so (even without realizing it), you end up bringing into your life the worst enemy in the universe: your own mind (now allied with the ego), which you turn into an enemy through a completely absurd egoic judgment, which is pure fruit of lack of Consciousness.

The mind IS YOUR BIGGEST ALLY in building your life scenario, but it will be your worst enemy as long as you think you need to eliminate it in order to be happy. The mind only needs proper “food” to be able to generate a higher life scenario, it only needs the widening of access to a Greater Consciousness. And it’s your job to give it that best food, instead of shutting it up and running away from an obligation that falls to you – and nobody else, no matter how much you doubt it.

But of course you are free to shut up or transcend your mind whenever you want to find peace. And there is nothing bad or wrong about that. But start urgently to accept your mind as your GREAT ALLY, as the materializing machine of your Apparent Reality, of your life scenario.

Because that is what your mind IS!

If your life is in chaos, it is not your mind’s fault, but it’s fault of the programming that YOU YOURSELF put into it. Be aware that, in Relativity, it is up to your mind the “simple” task of materializing the content that you – the only Creator of your adventure as a Creature – have consciously put into it, even if you did so in another existence of yours. Even so, you — and only you — are the solely responsible for everything, and no one else!!!! That is, it is your mind that creates your entire life scenario! Because that is how our experience was designed to be – as already widely explained throughout this publication (see topic # 3).

From now on, I invite you to start watching your mind while you analyze any subject you want, peeking it through the feelings and emotions that emerge around any subject you are examining during meditation. You will receive the clues you need to take you to the root of distorted programmings that inhabits the depths of your Temporary Self (you, the character in the process of rescuing itself).

Once you have learned how to get around the high rotation of the mind, try also to give yourself the right to learn to focus on a particular issue or problem in your life, doing it from a mental perspective which now is more peaceful and free from contamination, noises and distractions.

This way you will have more space for the appearance of PURE FEELINGS related to the theme under analysis, which makes the pertinent emotions come out. The latter, if accepted and properly experienced, will always lead you to some other psychic state, which one day will trigger an epiphany, allowing you to change and adopt other higher beliefs.

Recognize internal conflicts, problems and difficulties in your life. By honestly following the feelings that emerge from such analysis and “surfing” the emotions that begin to arise, you will be taken to the beliefs behind them.

A series of revelations, epiphanies and understandings will inevitably result, each one leading you to an increase in creative psychological activity.

But hey, bear in mind that it is not a matter of going out looking for beliefs with a magnifying glass or a to-do list, but of KNOWING that everything will conspire to get you there – IF YOU ALLOW IT and put your intention on it.

In meditation, the key to going further and reinventing yourself is to learn to FEEL everything that is associated with the fact you want to evaluate.

In other words, you should set as a purpose the INTENTION of resolving a specific problem. And there, when observing the problem, you will inevitably trigger purer and less contaminated feelings, which will translate into the body as emotions, which properly “surfed” will lead you to more and more feelings and emotions, until later (another day, another week, or even in a dream) you end up having the epiphany you need — precisely because you were willing to investigate your beliefs. There is much more involved behind this, but for now just know that you will receive help from other spheres of your Being.

You will thus be helped to find those distorted beliefs, as this is your wish – and once it aligns itself with what is best for you, then other spheres of your Being will come into play to help you realize the damage that certain beliefs cause you, which will make it easier and more obvious to let go of what no longer serves you, automatically adopting higher beliefs that match the new level to which you yourself have risen.

Understand that this is not something technical, it is something that your mind and your True Self know very well how to do. Your intention and self-analysis will suffice, just start watching your feelings and surfing your emotions, without fears.

As you progress, you will be closer and closer to understanding how your mind creates — in a conscious or unconscious way — your Apparent Reality, how your mind creates what you consider to be your life (as you know it here in this world).

Only the human being was given the right to be the Absolute Creator of his experience as a Creature, with TOTAL FREE WILL. Animals don’t have that freedom, they are basically instinctive…. despite being simultaneously permeated by the Greater Consciousness – which is why they surprise us so much with incredible lessons of wisdom.

It is not an easy task for someone to create their own “reality” after letting go the connection with the Greater Consciousness – which is the case of human experience (process named Consciousness Obnubilation). However, this was the intention of your True Self when it created a Temporary Self purposely devoid of access to the Greater Consciousness, just so that the game of life could begin.

The challenge is to gradually remember your own Divinity and cosmic greatness. It means discovering, from the “bottom” up, what it feels like BEING GOD through the daily experience of NOT SEEMING TO BE GOD.

And when a Being ends the process of rising to the same level as the Source from which he(she) originated, when he rescues his Full Consciousness, he finally realizes Who He Is (Always Was and Always Will Be), What Life Is and Who God Is.

It is such an overwhelming experience that it expands not only your True Self (who lived everything with you), but it expands even God, Who also experienced everything with you and became even “greater” through the enlightenment lived by YOU — who are a slice of God and simultaneously He (She) in full, in a process where the PART contains the WHOLE, similar to the case of holograms.

Returning to our mind, of course you may still do that type of meditation which aims to SILENCE the mind. It is a kind of pause in the loud noise of this world. However, understand that through this new methodology which is being proposed here, your conscious mind will benefit enormously as it becomes more aware of its own direct influence on all events in your life. Gradually your mind will stop fearing both what comes from the unconscious and any emotions that appear (which are those sensations that emerge when feelings are expressed by the body). Your mind will no longer see threats or fear setbacks, it will only feel a growing oneness in which it had always been involved – but forgotten about that…. so far.

As you progress through this process of rediscovering yourself, you will no longer judge your emotions as you did before, when you used to give way only to the cutest ones. And they will no longer need to shout to be accepted and experienced, because they will be fully admitted as part of You, an Eternal Being in the process of rescuing yourself from the game of Relativity!

And I have a special message for those people who are very emotional, very sensitive. You may believe that you are very easily influenced, but the truth, in this case, is that you are using a pretext in order to hide the fear of your emotions, because you carry with you a belief that the power of emotions is so strong that all reason and common sense can be annihilated by them – which is not true!

Well, I affirm that EVERYTHING in the universe is LOVE. I do state YOU ARE LOVE.

And it was out of love for us that our Greater Self allowed us to live a mentally created illusion, where we would pretend not to be LOVE. However, life is just a game. Everyone will arrive at the same destination – which is the Source that created us, the Greater Consciousness.

You are always protected, even in the worst of the scenarios.

You are an immortal Being, despite the mortality of your body in a scenario whose frame has a beginning and an end (birth and death). Don’t get too attached to the illusions you create! But don’t disdain them either, because you only achieve Divinity when you value your Creature side and elevate it.

Build up enough courage so that you can grant your emotions the spontaneous and natural flow they deserve and need, without judging them, without avoiding them or pretending you don’t notice them. They will never swallow you and they will always give you a return, taking you to the next stage…. until one day you will have the epiphanies you need to rise to a new level and become a better version of yourself.

It is only when you dam up your emotions that they seem to lead you into internal conflicts. It is of utmost importance, however, that you understand the power and creative nature of your conscious mind, because otherwise you will believe that you are forever at the mercy of conditions or situations over which you feel you have no control.

Life doesn’t simply happen to you. It is you who create it with your mind!”

Although the conscious mind has the function of directing the flow of your experience through the BELIEFS you have embraced (materializing them in your life scenario), it must be made clear that the practical actions for all this to happen are automatically conducted by others portions of your Self. That is, the Greater Consciousness comes into play in order to ensure that worlds may be created by your mind, always based on what you yourself inserted into it at some point in your journey throughout your many lives (Free Will).

Realize, therefore, that your experience is a miracle, and the imperfections of Relativity are, at heart, its greatest perfections in the sense of giving you this gigantic experience that you call “your life”.

Do not be afraid to adopt new beliefs guided by your GENUINE FEELINGS from the heart, because they come straight from your True Self, being pure and free from fear.

Be aware that whenever you consciously search for distorted or invisible beliefs in the sense of wanting to exchange them for more suitable ones, your entire Higher Self will help you throughout this process. But don’t forget that it is always YOU who are guiding (leading, creating) your own experience according to the focal point of your conscious mind, according to what you intentionally place your attention on.

When you accept, internalize and finally assume that you are the solely responsible for the creation of your reality, then you can no longer look for others to blame them or to expect that they solve your problems for you, and so you start to realize that your own thoughts, words, feelings and actions are always shaping your life scenario – and that they, in turn, are backed by your personal beliefs, which will induce you to filter even the highest and most intuitive messages you receive, always in accordance with what seems acceptable to the current set of values ​​present in your mind (however distorted it may be).

Therefore, if you believe that a certain substance can harm you (and so you demonize it), then even minimal amounts of it can make you sick. Conversely, if you think that certain foods will help you, then you will be effective in this food-healing system, because of your beliefs. If you believe in the current Western medicine, then it will seem (and be, within certain limits) beneficial to you. If you believe in healers or fortune tellers, then they can help you, but only because you create it!

However, all of these aids will only be temporary – at best.

Because one day you will be led to understand that:

Everything originates from you, and to you it returns!

You will be led to accept the fact that you – and ONLY YOU – form your own reality, that everything and everyone contained in it will always reflect you to give you the experience you need, at the exact moment when it will have its greatest transformational impact on you. Remember that you do not live in a Universe, but in a Multiverse. Everything is possible, there are infinite parallel realities conspiring to give you exactly what you NEED, and not necessarily what you WANT.

Someday, in some existence of yours, you will also realize that you cannot use others indefinitely as crutches for your awakening (but only temporarily), not even the most loved ones.

When it comes to High Consciousness, evolution is always INDIVIDUAL and NON-TRANSFERABLE!

You are the Creature and simultaneously the Creator of your own experience.

Limitations of the mind have only the power of giving you suggestions.

But the one who has the final say, who has the absolute power of deciding is you, only you!

And you are not your mind, you transcend it.

Your mind only gives you suggestions based on programmings that you put into it at some point in your eternity (yes, including other lives).

Do not accept suggestions which do not align with what you want, with what you know you deserve! No more suffering. Because who has the control of saying YES or NO is just you.

Recognize yourself as the master of your mind! The power is with you!

And your power lies in accepting or not those old recurring thoughts, the result of erroneous programmings that you yourself created for lack of Consciousness in some traumatic moment of yours – and you hid it from yourself, allowing your limiting and distorted beliefs to start to command your life. But only because you allow it!

Put an end to the old recurring suggestions that your poor mind – a wonderful Consciousness’ tool – brings up due to the wrong programmings made AT YOUR COMMAND.

Yes, your command, because even if you don’t remember things, it was you who validated any belief that today inhabits your unconscious, any programming that is up and running, even if invisible to you.

So start affirming what you want for yourself, start to behave to the level of what you want.

Start acting AS IF: as if you already have what you want, as if you have already reached the level you want.

Do you want to reach a certain aimed level? Well, then start seeing yourself up there right away!!!!

Put your imagination to work, meditate and let your emotions flow, surf them. The more conviction, feeling and emotion you put into this mental creation, the faster you will materialize it, BECAUSE THIS IS THE FUNCTION OF YOUR MIND: materialize everything that you – the Creator of your adventure as a Creature – have been putting into it.

However, now there is one more detail that will make all the difference: DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO THE OUTCOME! Any attachment is, at heart, a form of fear, Any attachment is, at heart, a form of fear and will end up pushing the object of your desire away — instead of bringing it closer.

Take decisions, make it again and again, convince yourself, surf those emotions as many times as you want, make everything real in your mind…. BUT THEN LET IT GO.

No anxieties!

The secret is to bring that future joy to your present moment, but without counting the hours or days while waiting for what you want.

What you seek also wants you, because you are ONE with everything. As you acknowledge the little miracles in your daily life, your conviction increases, and the outer side of your life will soon begin to reflect more and more what you already live within your imagination.

Just understand that here, at this level of Relativity, there is a damned provocative variable called TIME, which consumes all the power that is given to it. But it is just another mind-created illusion in order to allow the game to become richer with the existence of the “before and after”.

That is, if you get anxious, this will only delay your happiness.

Stop complaining about life RIGHT NOW!

No matter how bad the scenario of your current life is, there is always something wonderful to behold. There ALWAYS is, no matter how poor and small you feel when comparing yourself with others. If you find yourself immersed in a very difficult life scenario right now, it was because you wanted it, so that you could have the IDEAL experience in order to give you a great opportunity to AWAKEN!

Understand, therefore, that the more you focus on what is good, the more you will expand that in your life, because what you focus on expands.

Start living happiness even before you have what you want. Because everything has been given to you since before you were born, it is always a matter of TIME (a treacherous illusion) until you to learn to materialize all the abundance that has always belonged to you.

And after all, what is an extra time for an eternal Being like you?

So, now, create a new belief in the Light of that wisdom you have received, a belief that tells you that everything you wish for will come to you someday! And then let go of any need, so that your wish may come at the best time — at the moment you are ready.

However, regardless of the dreams that have not yet materialized in your life, CHOOSE to be truly happy right now, even before your dream materializes. Thus the universe – YOUR SERVANT (whose mission is to react to the content that you yourself insert in your powerful mind) – recognizes your detachment and your sovereignty, and so it is obligated to obey its master: YOU!

You create everything!

You are in charge.

Take the reins!

And good luck!

(Nah…. Dream big and just remember that you make your own luck!)


And so, did you like it?

Got curious? Do you want more?

So…. Follow me !

The book “THE PASSIONATE MAN’S HANDBOOK – BOOK 1” is available here at this very Blog (, in the section BOOKS of the Menu. It contains many stories filled with Consciousness, Love, Passion and Romance – all of them commented by me from a higher perspective of life (coming right from a Cosmic Consciousness, so called in the mentioned book). Other books and suggestions will also be available in the sequence.

Good Luck!


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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