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“Mr. Money (Don Dinero)”


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The following four stories show different situations about the influence and power attributed to money in people’s lives. Comments on topic # 5 (Conclusion) give us the Higher Perspective on money’s purpose as an evolutionary tool of our Being.

You have never seen money in such a charming and yet so powerless way as it will be portrayed here.

I assure you!

NOTICE: It’s suggested that the stories be read in sequence as they complement each other. Click on each link below to jump straight to the story. At the end, click TOP to return here.

  1. Mr. Money!
  2. Eulalia and the money….
  3. John and the money….
  4. Dorian and the money….
  5. CONCLUSION: What is money from a Higher Perspective?

1. Mr. Money (Don Dinero)

And now with you, the almighty gentleman Don DINERO.

Hmmmmm ….
Powerful, me?
Not so much, not so much, come on! Muahahaha.

Uhh…. Ok, Ok….
Let’s face it, we all know that I really have my charms, don’t we?
I recognize that I have an unparalleled seductive power over most people.
This is a fact! Sorry, but it’s notorious….

But just because the poor wretched creatures don’t know Who They Are.
Ahhh…. and I do use all the power they give me in order to turn into vassals those who idolize me. The more importance they give me, the more I seduce them. They barely know that the power is not in me, but in themselves, who attract or repel me according to their day-to-day beliefs and choices.


They’re the bosses, but aren’t able to put two and two together!

And when they idolize me, ahhhh…. I have a field day.
I really enslave and dominate all those who put me above their loved ones, above love, above themselves.
And frankly, my dear, just between us…. even those who despise me, in fact, love me.

Let me talk a bit more about my preferences, after all, I venerate myself, so why not talking more about myself?

Come on….
I love to disguise myself as a solution to all problems, especially behind big fortunes, lotteries, fame, power. And then watch everyone wanting me, running after me or saving me.
I’m gorgeous!!!! Don’t you think so?
I love situations when the unwary create and recreate me for eternities, at the mercy of their uncertain certainties.

Ahhhh, even though I’m just an illusion, I still cheat so many fools.
What? Are you gonna tell me you didn’t know I’m just a mirage?

Don’t be so impressed by what you’ve heard about me. Actually I’m nothing of what they say, but I admit I love to pretend I am.

And that’s why I think it’s time to reveal my biggest secret to you, the innermost one. That’s because even after telling you, I know I’m still gonna have a field day for a long time in this little world. Haha. Or should I say “am I?”

Come closer.… Man, I don’t bite, I just seduce people.
Come here, I wanna tell you my biggest secret, but only to you!

Hey you.
Yeah, you….
I don’t even EXIST!

In ancient times you never really needed me, so much so that I didn’t even exist – and you survived, didn’t you? But then you created me in order to make your lives easier in the exchange of goods, and eventually you fell prey to this DEPENDENCY IDEA – sponsored by your own ambition for power.

They say I’m the devil himself, hehehe. But I can tell you that from the power you gave me, you also turned me into your own God.

Well…. Rrram Rrram. Coff Coff

Speaking of God, in this regard, unfortunately even the naive and foolish are right. I…. mmmm…. I’m really part of the kingdom of God. Yeah, yeah…. it’s something a little embarrassing to me, but what can I do?

I’m a part of Him, as well as everything and everyone else is too. But I do have a mission, okay? Oh yes, I do have it. And it’s a very special one, you know? Yep! My job is to tease you to the limit – and beyond it too.

And man, muahahaha…. Modesty aside, I do it very well, don’t you think so? Ahhhh, I’m The One, there’s no denying it.

Yes, I tease you, and I tease you a lot. I was told that the purpose of that is to prompt you to rescue your own soul, your original wealth and abundance. I was told that I’m a tremendous evolutionary tool, provoking everyone to realize that they were born with all the powers within themselves, and that I’m not even as powerful as I look.

Wanna know?

I don’t care !

It’s amazing how easily you’re persuaded by me, how easily I can take your own power from you. And you don’t even realize that…. Muahahaha.
So, use me as such a tool at ease.
I looooove it!

Hey, you!
Come closer. I was told that everything has been given to you even before you were born here, and that it’s you who push me away from yourself.
Muahahaha. How hilarious!

The truth?
Those things I was told, they’re really right. Oh yes, for sure! Without you I’m no big deal, okay? You put me on a pedestal I don’t even deserve. Ahhhhh, how good it is to be flattered, smelled, kissed, idolized.

Well…. Life is not always a bed of roses in my profession, and therefore not always things work out so well for me.
There are some rare exceptions that happen when some of you discover Who You Really Are, when you finally realize that any abundance is created or attracted by yourself. Let it be, this is so rare anyway, ain’t it? Only in these cases, then, you turn yourself into Gods (the Gods that you already are and have always been), and then I have no choice but step down and bow before you, turning myself into your subordinate. After all, everyone has a boss, right?

Fortunately few of you realize this. Muahahaha.

Well, that’s why sometimes, only sometimes, when you awake and transcend the dream of life, I end up having to humiliate myself and throw myself on you, on those who have already discovered my secrets (and life’s secrets), on those who are no longer deluding themselves, who already express their original greatness, regardless of having me or not in their lives.

But, hey…. haha. Be warned that just having me isn’t enough. Because even having me, I play tricks on you. If you allow me, I make you arrogant, obsessed, I sell you the idea that, by having me, you are superior and better than others…. Not to mention the fact that I always try to leave you in the fear that I will disappear from your life anytime.

Unfortunately I have to admit that when one of you realizes that doesn’t even need me, I get out of control. Ouch, I can’t resist, you know? Then I realize that I’m not much of a one anymore and then I end up surrendering and throwing myself at that person, I can’t help myself, it’s a compulsion – even if that person blows me off. The less that person cares about me and snubs me, the more I throw myself at them — or at least I try to do so, but many people do not accept me, they believe that I’m the root of all evil, and so they push me away from themselves.

Moreover, not all rich people have reached this point of detachment from money, the level where one already realizes that money isn’t so important to happyness. Indeed, very few of them have succeeded in this area, because it’s worthless to have a lot of money while Consciousness is asleep.

Pff…. Damn! But what does it matter?
There’s only a few of you who actually can master this skill of dealing with and “dominating” me, of not being desperate when you don’t have me or arrogant after finding me. Most continue to value me so much that I think I will still reign for a long, long time….
No wonder you call me Filthy Money and try so hard to get me in any amount and at all costs.

And let’s face it….
I’m really very good in the role of a bad guy.



2. EULALIA and the money….

Brought up in a favela (slum) of Rio de Janeiro, Eulalia was the daughter of an autistic mother and a handsome mulatto. The latter, in turn, never accepted the fact that the girl was blonde and always imagined that his wife had betrayed him, but never got any confession from her. Therefore, he looked down on his daughter and even mistreated her, giving all the attention to his eldest son – his spitting image. The mother could barely realize that she herself existed, let alone her children.

This is how life forced Eulalia to get by on her own from a young age. Undernourished, she used to do little favors for neighbors in the favela, always in exchange for some food. She lived hungry, a fact that impelled her to want to do something in order to change her own situation.

At the age of 10 she got devastated when she saw her brother being taken away by a relative who was sympathetic to their miserable situation – but who could not adopt both children at the same time. And so she ended up without her little brother, with whom she got along very well.

But that problem didn’t stop her astute, smart, sweet and lonely way from captivating a neighbor, who convinced the girl’s parents to allow Eulalia to acompany her to her job as a maid in a Rio mansion. At least the girl would have something to eat.

Inside that mansion Eulalia started to have access to other perspectives of life. She used to open the refrigerator and get struck by the abundance and variety of foods she had never dreamed of.

There were salami, hams, bolognas and cheeses of various kinds and brands – not to mention pâtés, creams and pies. They never run out of papaya, watermelon, melon, strawberry and orange, among other seasonal fruits. Lunches were sophisticated and in the afternoons there were always breads and sweets she had never imagined existed. It was a new world for her taste, but especially for her delicate and curious little eyes.

By seeing the homeowners ordering maids to throw away leftover food, she could not understand how some people could have so much plenty, while others had barely to survive.

It was a contrast to her, an incident that made a lasting impression on that girl’s mind.

And so she began to dream of changing her life, of evolving. But while that didn’t happen, she used to fantasize about fairy tales, dreaming of a prince who might come to rescue her, dreaming of days filled with abundance, of a miracle that could give her access to all that money can buy.

However, Eulalia was an upright person, never touched anything. She used to eat the same food as her “godmother”, the maid, who shared with the young lady the leftovers of the wealthy residents of that mansion.

Now well nourished, she finally blossomed. At the age of 12, the curves of her body were getting sharper and starting to draw attention. She was happy and lived traveling in her dreams, sure that something magical awaited her in a not too far future. The world had finally smiled at her.

But the more compliments people paid her, the angrier her father became, for remembering his wife’s alleged betrayal. It was not long before a favela resident decided to talk to Eulalia’s father in order to make him a proposition. He offered him U$100.00 to sleep with his daughter, and said he would raise to U$200.00 if she were still a virgin.

“Of course she’s a virgin,” said her father. And concluded: – “For U$200.00 she’ll be yours”.

The deal was closed, but it was agreed that the father would have to bring the girl to the house of that “gentleman”. So, in a few days her father said he was going to visit a special friend, and convinced her that she should go along with him, but not before taking a nice bath, getting well dressed and spraying on herself a generous amount of her mother’s best perfume.

Shortly after arriving there, that “gentleman” told the girl that he admired her, and that he would soon give a little birthday party especially to her and her friends, with balloons, sweets and other foods.

–“Could it be a princess party?” she asked.

–“Sure, sure princess!” he answered.

–“And can you buy some brigadeiro (chocolate truffle) for me? I never tasted it, but I’ve seen it at the mansion where my godmother works,” said the naive child.

–“No problem, Princess, I will arrange that to make you happy!” he said, already leading her into the bedroom with the offer of a snack and a TV tuned to kids’ cartoons.

While she ate and watched TV, he prepared and gave her a drink with a small dose of sleeping pill. When she got dizzy, unfortunately the worst happened.

Eulalia, at that moment, realized everything. While she was being raped and with no strength to react, she became fully aware of her father’s neglect, noticing that the act still had her father’s consent and that the world, eventually, was not colored pink as she used to dream before. She finally realized the cruelty of it all. And that whole dream world collapsed.

As soon as she recovered, she left. She passed by her autistic mother, who was looking for her – and who, for the first time, looked into her eyes and smiled – but didn’t stop. She fled aimlessly, for she was in shock. Her parents never found her again. They figured someone would have taken her – so beautiful she was. They didn’t know she had given up on living. Hopeless, she flung herself under the first train she saw passing nearby. Not even the driver realized the train ran over her.

Gone without a trace!

Comments by JORGE ZAHELL

The first question most people ask at such moments is: How can God allow something like that to happen?

Well…. The simple question implies a lack of Higher Perspective (Consciousness) on What Life Is, on Who We Really Are. God’s world is perfect! Its imperfections are, deep down, just passing experiences of Eternal Beings living mild or heavy adventures, beautiful or terrible trips, just in order to undergo a different standpoint – always protected by their own eternity and indestructibility.

Eulalia did not die, it was her body that did it. That is the point, the enlarged perspective. If she attracted this experience, she certainly had to go through it, given her choices and actions – not only in this very life of her.

No experience is good or bad in itself. They are just experiences. We attract or create them based on what we already lived or on what we need to experience to change our perspective, so that we can break through false truths embedded in our Transitory Character (Human Self) and finally access something from our True Self – which transcends that specific life, as well as the previous and future lives of that evolving character, in the process of rescuing the Consciousness of Who He/She Is beyond the adventures of the world of phenomena.

Nothing happens at random, we only go through experiences that we need to undergo or that we cannot avoid (after having attracted them), no matter the content of the experience. And we move on to new adventures, always with a new perspective provided by the previous experience – and with the OPPORTUNITY to adopt new stances, discarding inappropriate beliefs.

In Eulalia’s case, the financial issue underlies the experience she created or attracted to herself. In the universe, there are no victims or tormentors. NEVER ! Each one creates their reality according to their beliefs, choices and evolutionary needs. While people do not realize that they are 100% responsible for what happens to themselves, that means they have not yet been able to connect with that larger perspective, with the Greater Consciousness.

Let’s take a closer look at her situation….

The environment in which Eulalia was raised was of extreme poverty. The fact that she was born with very different characteristics from her brutal father only made it even worse for her. But know that IT WAS SHE HERSELF WHO CHOSE THAT (even if she does not remember that), she was the one who decided to be born into that family. And yes, the mulatto was her biological father, he just didn’t believe it was possible – and judged.

So why would she have chosen to be born in such a scenario?

Dear reader, do not underestimate the greatness of life, the range that you yourself have before entering a physical world. As an evolving Being, she chose (having as basis a slightly higher sphere in terms of range of vision) the ideal family to have the experiences she wanted to live in order to have an opportunity to broaden her perspectives as a Being, to broaden her access to a Higher Consciousness, especially with regard to the distorted beliefs related to the abundances and bonanza of life.

Yes…. Her main focus was to face the challenge of abundance – of which money is the symbol (even though it is nowhere near the truth, since abundance is not just about what money can buy).

Don Dinero is neither good nor bad, “he” has no power to affect us, but on the contrary, what we think of “him” does have. Money, when overvalued, corrupts the common sense of people who have no structure, who do not connect at least slightly with their own feelings, who are at the mercy of their egos’ thoughts – always fearful and wanting guarantees. And so, both Eulalia’s father and she got lost in this experience. He sold her, not only for overestimating the money, but also as a form of revenge against his wife and Eulalia – who he considered to be an illegitimate daughter.

But don’t lose focus on the fact that she chose THAT father, THAT family to be born, THOSE conditions. And inside the sphere from which she chose, she was helped, she knew very well what she was doing by entering such a heavy life scenario. There was something that interested her in that experience – whose outcome could have been way different, since we always have Free Will, not to mention the ever present intuition, but not always “heard” or felt – let alone valued or prioritized.

Eulalia was a more sensitive girl. But she chose to be born in a complicated scenario precisely because she wanted to live some overwhelming experiences, in order to have a chance to redefine herself having that scenario as a driver of change. And a higher part of her knew very well what probable experiences she would face – but also knew that any experiences are merely opportunities for awakening, regardless of the outcome (since this Higher Consciousness is well aware of our eternal and indestructible essence, despite the appearances we dive into each life).

Understand the scenario….

She was a dreamy and innocent girl, but was also starving, in deep need. Until life (not coincidentally) introduced her to a world full of abundance in a high-class mansion.

She then overestimated the abundance, the luxuries, the wealth. She came to believe that only with that she could be truly happy, truly complete – once she lived in misery. But this is not true, and it was THIS DISTORTED BELIEF she intended to change.

Everybody deserves abundance – though they forget that. This is where we come from, and we only get out of it because we create for ourselves a reality of scarcity (while unaware of the Greater Truths of life). Yes, we do that, each one creates their own world and is a world apart.

Each person is much more powerful than they think…. they just forgot about it – on purpose (so that the game of life could begin).

However, we deserve not only financial abundance, but all bonanza: abundance of love, happiness, friendship, intelligence, food, freedom, time, etc. If Eulalia passed away so early and having such an overwhelming experience, surely she wanted to undergo such an impactful situation, and a higher part of her had FULL and absolute awareness of the probabilities of having exactly this outcome that happened.

But from a higher perspective, she was, perhaps, bold rather than radical, she wanted to accelerate her growth as an evolving Eternal Being, and chose the right planet for it, a world full of contrasts and opportunities – and that is precisely why it is called School Planet.

Each one creates their own heaven or their own hell, and glorifies or suffers in it. And yet somehow, there is perfection in all around. The “hell” is also the “heaven”, open your eyes, it is up to you. JUST NOTICE IT without judgment! Everything can change at the mercy of your choices.


Connect yourself with your heart, with your intuition, with your Higher Self. Your heart will always point the best directions, it is always trying to help you express your own greatness.

In each person’s self-created world, everything and everyone conspire to prove them that one’s own beliefs are right – regardless of whether or not they are.

You are the creator of everything around you…. EVERYTHING! And you are co-creating all of that with others, without prejudice to individual creation (because there are so many dimensions – life is so much bigger than you ever dared to dream).

It is up to each one to awaken to a Greater Reality, life after life – with sooooo much help, believe me, but also with complete freedom (Free Will). When you choose to be grateful for what you already have, knowing and feeling that life is always trying to help you evolve, you stop questioning, complaining, and then the scenario begins to change. It is you who create it, even if you do not understand or doubt it!

Right now Eulalia is certainly on another adventure, and considering the impact of the reported experience, I imagine she is already being able to make better use of her intuition towards more harmonious paths, especially when she happens to come across the challenge of plenty once again.

As for the rape…. Well, we don’t know what she did in another life, but surely she had to go through that in this life in order to balance the game – the game of her Greater Life (which probably didn’t start in this very life as Eulalia, nor did it end with the death of her body).

Understand that we can always choose to express gratitude and peace even while facing very harsh paths. The simple attitude of trust in life makes the scenario change much faster than imagined.

It is us who create our Apparent Reality. And as persistent as it may be, it is just one of the endless adventures we experience within the protection of God, who never forsakes us — especially when we doubt of everything, including of Him/Her.


In item #5 (CONCLUSION) you can have a better explanation of what our friend DON DINERO (Mr. Money) really is and what is its role as an evolutionary tool. I suggest that you read the stories in numbered sequence for a broader understanding of money’s impact on people’s lives.


3. JOHN and the money….

John was a young heir to a rich family, and as such, he had everything a man could dream of. He had been raised with plenty of love, which gave him great self-esteem. He married at 28 with a strong desire of having children and forming a nice family. He and his beautiful wife made plans, were in love and happy with the possibilities ahead.

But she didn’t get pregnant. They underwent numerous treatments in specialized clinics and never givie up – but nothing changed. Well, suffering brings people together, and with them it was no different. But the years passed by.

When they were already considering adopting, she finally got pregnant. Once they didn’t have any unmet financial needs, John devoted himself to what he liked best and pursued a very glamorous career at that time – jet pilot.

And so, at 39, his first and only son, MARCELO, was born – a perfect and healthy boy. He was created with plenty of love after being expected for over a decade. He had an excellent education and all the attention that an only child can receive.

Years later, John, 52, began training a young driver to replace him. He would retire in a few years, and found it fair to devote himself to finding a suitable replacement. After almost 2 years, that young pilot was already starting to fly alone, taking his career as professional pilot ahead. It was then that John began to notice a huge sadness. He still had a few years to retire, but he didn’t understand how he could feel that way. After further investigation of his own feelings and plunging into his emotions, he realized that his nostalgia was linked to that young pilot who had gone his way.

The feelings were different and contradictory, but he had not to think long to realize that he was, in fact, in love with another man. It was a very strong feeling, something he could no longer ignore.

His superiors saw the sadness of the experienced pilot and then asked him what they could do for him in the few years left in the profession. John asked to fly again with that young pilot, not caring about any concessions he had to make – arguing that he was no longer enchanted by ordinary travels, and that he had affection for the young pilot’s good company – without revealing the actual reasons. Well, his request was accepted by the company. And once he was reciprocated, he and the young pilot began a beautiful romance through the skies and wonderful destinations that profession afforded them.

At 14, Marcelo asked to go along with his father on one of these trips. Of course his request was promptly answered, they would never deny anything to their overly pampered and only son. During the flight, his father forgot to lock the cabin door – which is now the standard procedure for airlines. And so Marcelo opened the door at an inappropriate time, catching his father kissing with his mate, while the autopilot managed the flight.

Marcelo, who could not quite understand the scene he had just witnessed, snuck out unnoticed and never opened himself up about it. But something had changed inside the boy. He started to become rebellious, angry, walking with a rough gang, getting into trouble and taking unnecessary risks.

No one could understand the boy, who didn’t open himself up. He judged the situation and preferred to close himself off to the world, keeping feelings of revolt and rebellion to himself…. until eventually attract a sad ending to his life.

During a riot along with his gang, he wounded himself and died on the spot. His parents never understood what had happened to the boy. And, of course, they never forgave themselves for their son’s cruel fate.

What did they do wrong?

Why did the boy transform himself like that?

There was no explanation, but they had to resign themselves.

It was too late to save Marcelo.

Or (should I say) “was it?”

Comments by JORGE ZAHELL

The following explanations assume that you have already read the explanations from previous stories because they all complement each other.

The young Marcelo showed a genuine sweetness and apparently had a quiet and peaceful life, given the environment in which he was raised. However, he attracted a provocative scenario where he would come across a shock in his life, an opportunity for him to face the situation and choose the highest path – which unfortunately he did not do. In this story, once again, money (and the power associated with it) is the basis of the conflict.

Marcelo used to see his father as a powerful, rich, influential, and successful man, and used this impression as his greatest source of inspiration for human values. But he caught his father in that love experience (which was everything but coincidence), and judged him for being in another love – and even more strongly for being with another man.

With the chosen trauma (it is always a matter of choice), he immediately rejected the status of rich boy he had, and then wanted to live with the marginalized, the rebel ones, regardless of his own safety. He considered that money is something that corrupts people, that brings a dangerous power and that eventually spoils people. Pure judgment!

Money is neither good nor bad, it is just an evolutionary mechanism, and it isn’t the money that has power, but our judgments about it (or about its lack/excess).

All of us have Free Will, and we choose the main features of the scenario where we will be born (based on the evolutionary experiences and opportunities we want to have in that life, aiming at some goal or overcoming). And henceforth it’s in our hands, and we have complete Free Will to rebel ourselves, to fall, to die, or listen to our intuition and face any situation, because problems are nothing but evolutionary opportunities – ALWAYS (even if in disguise).

Unfortunately Marcelo preferred the most disastrous path…. but only to a certain extent. It’s never too late to save someone! Death is not a disaster, it is just a passage. However, he was not able to win this challenge, preferring to judge both his father and, especially, the money.

After this overwhelming experience, he has certainly already come up with some other adventure in order to plunge back into some new scenario that might give him the opportunities of overcoming such judgments on money – which shakes so many people in our world.

Nothing is as definitive as everyone thinks. We will all have endless opportunities to rescue our Original Light. And when we do it, we realize that we are already born rich, once that – as lights emanating from a Greater Light (God) – we all possess in our essence the natural fullness of the Creator Father, even though the scenario says (and even proves) the opposite. As we begin to rescue our Full Consciousness, we realize that what really matters is not the event itself that happens to us (which was created or attracted by ourselves), but HOW WE REACT to that event.

This is when we can choose which version of ourselves we want to express in practice. In order to express the best version of ourselves, we have to rely on life itself to be our teacher and also on the experiences we attract, knowing that we are always sheltered by the protection of our Greater Father/Mother, knowing that those adventures are only passing experiences of eternal Beings.


In item #5 (CONCLUSION) you can have a better explanation of what our friend DON DINERO (Mr. Money) really is and what is his role as an evolutionary tool. I suggest that you read the stories in numbered sequence for a broader understanding of money’s impact on people’s lives.


4. DORIAN and the money….

Dorian was a humble boy, born in a low-income family and who had been fighting for his parents’ attention from an early age. He struggled to make himself noticed and could not understand why his father disregarded him so much, barely noticing him – not to mention the fact that his father was quite energetic and austere with words.

Barely over one year old, he already stopped peeing in his pants, he used to strive to be seen as a responsible person, wanted to please his parents. At the age of 2, he was already taking care of his older brother, an hyperactive boy who was always ready for the next mess. Over the years he gained other brothers, coming to feel himself just one more amidst four brothers. He definitely did not feel loved. Everything he used to do was aimed at recognition by his family, especially by his father, who rarely stayed home.

As the years went by, his father became an executive, his family entered the middle class, and the attention paid to Dorian was even lower — not to mention the fact that whenever his father was home, he was unfriendly, he was always irritated, worried about his professional obligations and already without the patience required to deal with his 4 children.

Even as a child, Dorian soon realized that the only moment he used to receive full parental attention was whenever he got sick. He thus developed a tendency to feed thoughts that involved illness and life-threatening, so that he could receive affection based on that – even if only in his imagination. And not rarely he indeed used to get sick, after all, our mind is very powerful and does not distinguish very well the physical reality from that one created only in thoughts.

And life went on….

As a teenager, Dorian wore high-grade glasses, he was a thin and medium height boy, and was not comfortable with his appearance. He finished high school, entered college and, to complicate matters even more, his boyish face did not favor him with the girls, who always thought he was a preteen at best, even though he had already acquired a larger size. Anyway, his self-esteem was unhealthy.

That was how, after graduated, he married the first girl who really paid attention to him. Once he was not satisfied in the matter of love (nor was he aware of love’s transformation power), he felt that he could only seek recognition and a sense of self-esteem from external achievements through professional success – a fatal mistake, because self-esteem is only achieved from the inside out, not from external things.

He used to read in magazines that the secret of life was to be prosperous, to be successful, to have his own business, at last…. to be rich. He used to buy all the technical books he could find about prosperity, success, achievements. He knew all about financial statistics, famous companies, stock exchange market, etc.

Becoming successful – and hence recognized – was, in his mind, the only way to feel special, to feel like someone who stands out from the crowd. After all, deep down we all feel important, we all know that we are not just that poor, fallible human who struggles to survive, just that simple anonymous….

However, despite the greatness we intuit to have, the truth is that we only become obsessed with showing our strength to the world when we do not understand What Life Is and what is our role in it. And this understanding comes only when one opens to a Higher Consciousness, which is far beyond basic human consciousness.

Dorian got obsessed with the theme of achieving prosperity. He worked night and day, caring little about the love issue. And of course, in order to feel special, he used to go out of his way to avoid doing things that he judged were wrong, so that he could feel as a Mr. Right Guy who does everything according to expectations – even in the “loving” relationship, being the husband who makes a mess of his relationship (even though unhappy in love), hostage to the idea that those who make mistakes are less special. He never cheated on his wife, he didn’t even look at other women, because only the hypothesis of falling in love with another woman used to make him feel like if he were regressing on his values scale.

And his ego used to love all that, for it sees love as its greatest enemy, since love FREES people up. This ego-sponsored behavior of Mr. Right Guy would guarantee his distancing from what really matters in life: TO LOVE and TO BE LOVED.

After a few years of work, he quit the job in order to set up a company of his own based on a great and innovative idea he had. In less than one year his new business went bankrupt, he was just living in his perfect little world created by an illusion. However, even so his innovations have caught the attention of some big companies. Broken, he accepted exactly what used to cause him strong aversion: working as a consultant for one of these companies, and later as an employee. He considered that he would never be rich while working for others. But having no choice, he resigned himself to accept this path…. he knew it was temporary.

Although of soon becoming a brilliant executive, he still considered that that job would not bring him the status he thought he deserved, and before long he went out to start another company, even upon a fantastic financial offer to remain in his job, to the point of causing revolt on all his friends, who would never dream of receiving an international standard executive salary.

And so was born his second company….

His wife, already saturated with the couple’s lack of harmony, headed in another direction. In fact, the two did not love each other, and she always knew that – it is amazing how people insist on staying together out of mere fear of making mistakes or losing something that deep down they no longer want anymore. She regretted inducing him to marry. And he, hostage to being Mr. Right Guy, would never give himself the right to any other romantic endeavor, tied to the idea that those who make mistakes are inferior people.

Well, Dorian got emotionally shaken by the breakup, for he was accommodated and attached – but that didn’t affect his professional ideals, he went on alone and even more determined to be recognized. Hardly interested in love relationships, he first wanted to prove his worth through deeds and achievements – typical of people who do not access a Higher Consciousness, which KNOWS that you are much more than your works, than your body, than your current life. He first wanted to feel as someone special through his deeds, to only then pay attention to the so-called LOVE – but only if he had time left.

Dorian spent a long time without making any profits, but didn’t care, he was sure that this was the path of abundance, of wealth, and ultimately of HAPPINESS. Even without positive results, he was already feeling important, after all he was a businessman – even though his tiny company was barely noticed, including by the rare customers who sometimes showed up. But even so, he began to behave with tranquility, with detachment, judging himself a happy man just because he felt like a business owner – even without having any income for long, long time. He had some financial reserves and was focused, determined.

NOTHING would stop him !!!!

Well, in our lives, we will always have more of what goes inside ourselves, precisely because we create our Apparent Reality out of our thoughts, words and actions. If we take into account that Dorian already felt prosperous and successful even without profit, in a few years life reflected outside what was going inside him…. and so it took place an impressive professional and financial climb. With each passing semester, he made more money, expanded the company, and got richer and richer.

At last…. the success!

Single, a mature man, charming, smiling, and handsome, he immediately began to enjoy the success and fame of being an entrepreneur who didn’t go unnoticed. He found a girlfriend who made him shine even more…. but just for a while – because he got deeply disappointed with the girl, realizing that she was not the idealization he had created in his mind.

He suffered, suffered a lot with the loss of something that only existed in his thoughts. Many people build idealizations of princes or princesses, and when they find someone they think that fits that dreamed idealization, they merge the dream character with the new person…. until one day realizing the reality that that person is not their idealization, it’s just…. different. And everything falls apart.

Well, Dorian then decided that the solution was to change the girlfriend, but the problem persisted. Disappointed once again, he adopted the attitude of FEAR LOVE, outraged and afraid of getting hurt another time, always placing the blame on women, never taking the due responsibility for any event that he attracted.

Who blames the “other” (for his/her own misfortunes) is not really Conscious of the Greater Truths of life, such as “You are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens in your life!”.

Dorian chose the path of empty romantic adventures, for now he had become a successful businessman, had become an elegant man who felt powerful. He was such a big hit with women, developing a kind of extreme self-confidence in dealing with them, feeling that he could conquer any woman he wanted – as long as the desired girl didn’t have much potential to win his heart, because deep down he feared love (and the pains that can emerge from a loving surrender that ends up in disaster), thus avoiding those women with the most potential to make him fall deeply in love.

Anyway, a certain intuition used to tell him that something was wrong, that something was missing in his life. He lived years in that bonanza, enjoying his richness, his status, always from adventure to adventure, from woman to woman. But, as it happens to all those who date many people without truly surrendering to love, he always ended up finding himself alone, longing for something he didn’t even remember, feeling a squeeze in the heart and a sadness that came from an unexplained nostalgia. It was so strong and distressing that he adopted a strategy in order not to suffer: when he felt that way, Dorian would look for the next colleague, the next party, the next woman. And then he used to push his feelings, intuition, and restlessness under a mental rug, pretending he felt nothing.

At last he was living that glamour so commented on by the specialized magazines. The more he did the math, the more he realized that his wealth only increased. He was getting more “powerful” every day. But strangely and simultaneously, the richer he got, the more he realized the existence of that void he did not understand – but which only grew.

It was then that, on a night of inspiration, he decided to face that nostalgia for real.

When we face a problem head-on, without fear of what might come, 50% of it already dissolves and is solved right away, because by that way we demystify a part of the power that problem had in the sense of placing fear on us. The power is never in the problem itself, but in what we fear as a consequence of it. A problem always brings with it an evolutionary opportunity.

Dorian began his self-analysis for the professional matter, the most important to him. He wanted to understand the source of his restlessness. Looking back over his life, he realized that he had a lot of capital, stock and structure. He could expand his business and multiply his already high equity in a short time.

It was the right time!

Until he asked himself the question that few people ask themselves:

–“If I earn double, triple, or ten times more what I earn today, will I be happier?”

Unfortunately for him, the answer was a resounding and blunt NO !!!! Or should I say FORTUNATELY ????

Yeah…. But the fact is that that answer devastated him. After all, for the first time he realized that happiness was not on top of an Everest of richness, as preached by magazines, newspapers, and books that speak about success. All his life he imagined that if he reached that summit, his happiness would be guaranteed.

That was the idea the media had always showed him.

But then why couldn’t he feel happy? Obviously, something was missing…. But what?

Depressed, having lost his only internal compass (his ambition), he began to fall ill, seriously ill – everything had lost its meaning. What’s the purpose of making so much money?” he wondered. Gradually he realized that no money would fill that void. He had the “perfect” girlfriend, he had money, success, recognition…. but something still afflicted him.

He decided to seek help from a professional. This latter, seeing the patient’s condition, asked the ultimate question to Dorian:

–“You are very, very sick. You don’t have much time left. And so, after all, what do you want out of life? Do you want to live or die? Because I can help you both ways, I am a terminally ill specialist physician and I can help you to leave this world peacefully if you wish so. And then…. What is it going to be now? You need to choose a path!”

This statement impacted Dorian – who realized that his situation was indeed serious and that he had few time left.

And so he decided to live.

He spent a whole year fighting for his life, but still fighting with his therapist to eventually admit, after all this time, that the problem was not the company, the employees, the professional mess. The emptiness he felt was, deep down, personal…. and of loving order. It took time to accept this because he had no idea what love really is.

By now, however, Dorian was increasingly sick, but determined to live. He would pay any price to get out of that situation, barely sleeping and not able to work. Everything around him was crumbling.

He accepted the statements of that therapist, the only health professional to believe he could survive to so many “powerful and insurmountable” illnesses, the only one to point him a way out: self-healing, by changing mental attitude.

Yeah…. The sense of impotence that we choose to feel when we are in difficult scenarios eventually spreads to all areas of our lives, our mind and our body – and this latter ends up reflecting, on the outside, the feeling of helplessness we are choosing to feel from within. And so the whole body gets powerless and sick.

All diseases begin in the mind! And we are never victims of life, of bad luck – in the universe, there are no victims or tormentors. Each one creates their reality, even if they do not understand the correlation between Cause and Effect – the interconnection between their words, thoughts and attitudes (the CAUSE) and what happens afterwards (the EFFECT). And this difficulty in perceiving this correlation exists only because of another mental creation of ours (necessary for life inside Relativity): TIME (the before and the after)! The illusion of time makes us not realize how our words, thoughts and actions create our reality.

Dorian soon realized the innumerable high-destructive diseases he had attracted — as well as some hemorrhagic ulcers, vitiligo, and hair loss (which were far from being the most serious diseases). He could barely get out of bed to visit his company.

Eventually, he understood that those magazines were wrong, very wrong! He realized that the people who used to write them were more lost than he was when it comes to what really matters in life, to what true success is. He understood that the money, at that moment, was of little value. What a surprise, who would have guessed…. Dorian, who had pursued money for so long, now, on the brink of death, noticed that it was practically insignificant from his new perspective.

And so, having lost that false north, feeling like the floor was falling out from under him, he surrendered to the care of that professional, who was helping, above all, to heal his mind – the source of all our illnesses when held hostage to distorted beliefs – which was victim of a kind of an autohypnosis, so common in our world.

Since he had no other reason to get out of bed, he decided to keep his company running, even facing huge losses. Success, money, and fame mattered little to him at this point. The company inspired him to get up from bed every morning (even that late) and do something, but the business results no longer made any difference to him, it was practically a hobby, a way of distracting himself from sinking into self-pity, since he was single and childless.

Over time, he and his therapist realized that, despite the involvement with several women, he had never truly loved, had never fully given his heart to a woman and surrendered to love. The emptiness he used to feel was coming exactly from there, the lack of that experience was sorely missed in his life.

Sensitive people are most affected by the lack of love in their lives. Nothing can completely replace romantic love in our existence, although other forms of brotherly love minimize this pain – but never fully replace it.

He ended up losing everything, spent every last penny trying to get on with life…. but never gave up LIVING. He knew that if he sold the company and isolated himself, he would come to die quickly, because he would not have a purpose. He still had some affection for his business, and he knew that would help him.

And so, Dorian faced all of that even as he watched his personal assets fading away, once he was increasingly detached of all belongings. Wanting a new life, he continued to face those diseases in the hope that one day he could be truly happy and complete. He already had another mindset, he got rid of false truths and also of completely distorted beliefs that led him to close himself to the one thing that really matters in life – in any life: LOVE.

And so Dorian started to recover and rebuild himself from the inside out, he was becoming a new and improved version of himself. That process took some years, but he was able to manage it very well, once now he already had a new set of beliefs which were aligned to Greater Truths of life.

Well, once our outer world is always a reflection of our inner world, it didn’t take long for a special woman to finally win his heart. That was all he needed to blossom again and quickly heal from any illness.

Love is really powerful!

Dorian has restarted from scratch, but now having the greatest abundance that a Being can have: FREEDOM! He has freed himself from innumerable unhealthy beliefs, distorted values, and limiting conditionings.

Wow! That’s what I call SUCCESS!

Comments by JORGE ZAHELL

It is amazing how a media that lacks a higher perspective (in terms of Consciousness) can influence so many people pushing them in directions that distance them from their essence, that make them prisoners of completely distorted ideas and beliefs. And the hearts of hypnotized people scream, their intuitions shout, but what is written in those magazines, in those reports, in those testimonials of “successful” people usually ends up seducing young people and shutting down any minimally high Consciousness channel – but only because they allow it, because they do not hear their heart.

Many of those “successful” people shown in sensationalist magazines are extremely unhappy – even if they don’t realize it (“so sure” they are of being on the right track, guided only by their egos).

Abundance is always welcome, of course, but not just money. Plenty, indeed, must also include LOVE (especially LOVE), joy, happiness, health, peace, and the availability of being able to have what one needs when it is needed. There are people who accumulate money but have no abundance of time, love, joy, peace.

What kind of abundance illusion is that?

Just like Dorian in the previous story, many spend their lives hostages of ideas “bought” from “wise” people who wrote “smart” reports about their illusion of happiness.

Wake up!

Stop comparing yourself to other people…. You are unique, and your only goal in life should be to find HAPPINESS, being able to EXPRESS the best version you can imagine of yourself. Relying on external things to feel yourself special is an idea that comes from a lack of connection with a Higher Consciousness. Many wake up to this truth at some point in their journey, others postpone it to the next life.

But the fact is that someday EVERYBODY will understand that they Already Are, Have Always Been and Will Always Be the owners of the universe. The outer universe of EVERY person is always a reflection of their inner universe. You are the LORD of your universe – even if you have no possession, no assets.

Because truly rich is that Being who doesn’t even need to accumulate anything as a form of FUTURE GUARANTEE, because they trust life and KNOW that it will bring them anything they need or want when they really need it or deserve it. Unfortunately, few people can enjoy such conviction and the security and peace it brings to them.

This is the only and true full wealth: THE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE, allied to the fact of KNOWING and FEELING that you are always protected and supported by a Greater Reality that originates in this Higher Consciousness, regardless of whatever be the scenario of the “Reality” in front of you!

Rich is the person who, even without worrying about accumulating, can have everything they need to feel fulfilled in all areas of life, including finances – but especially in areas like unconditional love, true friendships, happiness, peace, t i m e that they have at their disposal…. and, finally, in the area of CONSCIOUSNESS (because only it gives you access to true and full wealth).

Dorian eventually conquered FREEDOM, no longer being held hostage to one of humanity’s worst beliefs, the belief that one can only be happy with money – besides the other ramifications of that core belief:

  • money makes the person bad;
  • makes them rotten (“filthy rich”);
  • arrogant;
  • money corrupts the soul;
  • etc.

Poor little Don Dinero, people hate him with the same intensity that they love him. “He”, of all people, who is so innocent, unable to have any power, but empowered by minds that do not understand his role in their lives: a mere evolutionary tool aimed at rescuing our Consciousness of Who We Are beyond the appearances of this world of self-created dreams (and raised to the category of absolute truths – but, actually, usually very far from them).


In item #5 (CONCLUSION) you can have a better explanation of what our friend DON DINERO (Mr. Money) really is and what is his role as an evolutionary tool. I suggest that you read the stories in numbered sequence for a broader understanding of money’s impact on people’s lives.

In the book THE PASSIONATE MAN’S HANDBOOK (to be released soon on this Blog, in the Books section), you will have a deeper explanation of what Cosmic Consciousness means, (so-called inside the book for representing a Consciousness far above that one of the human level).


5. CONCLUSION: What is money from a Higher Perspective?

Money is nothing but an evolutionary mechanism of life, which provokes us to TAKE AN ACTION, to have attitude, giving us the opportunity to rescue the original abundance that has always been at our disposal — even when we didn’t realize it.

Know that it is our behaviour in each financial decision that is the real currency of the universe, not the money itself.

In each action, in each choice you make in everyday life, you are creating a prosperous or scarce future to yourself, because through these choices you are sending an overwhelming and definitive message to the Universe, which is forced to corroborate your powerful belief.

Yep…. you’re the boss!

You are a very powerful Being who create your own experience, being simultaneously creator and creature of your own adventure. Your creation is made through your words, thoughts, and actions. When speaking, thinking, and acting, every choice you make ends up shaping your future. So it is right to say that “You are a reflection of your choices, they define you” (in any area of your life, not just the financial one).

Every time you limit yourself when taking a decision, there will be consequences. It is life trying to help you rescue your essence, your connection with the Full Consciousness. Therefore, whenever you give in to the fear that you might be short of money (or love, happiness, etc.), you will eventually reap in terms of scarcity.

For example, if you improperly take possession of something that doesn’t belong to you, then you are showing that you think you are poor and that you stole something just for saving money, either because you think you are not as lucky as certain people, or because you think no one will notice your act, or whatever. But your creative power is behind all of that, and new experiences will be drawn to you based on your beliefs. And in this case the belief was, “I am poor, I am less privileged.” So this is what you are attracting to your future. And no matter how much money you make, you will always lose it until you learn that lesson. Be careful!

Another example!

Every time you give in of buying something that has arisen from genuine desire (aligned to your heart, to your intuition), you are sending to the universe a message saying that you DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY, and the universe, your servant, will bring to completion your demands according to your beliefs, for you are the creator (and simultaneously the creature) of this “game”. Your power is unlimited, both to approach and to move away from the essence that created you: your Greater Consciousness.

Bear in mind that you can always buy something you genuinely want, even if you have to finance it or postpone the dream (in the certainty that you will do that, undoubtedly). I emphasize that only the decision of buying is more important than the purchase itself. But when you consider yourself unable to dare, when you need guarantees in order to take the next step, you are creating a future without the abundance you deserve. At this moment, you yourself will be attracting experiences of scarcity to provoke you, until one day you can wake up and rescue your essence.

Get rid of fears!

Be bold! Buy what you want, take a chance – within a certain limit of common sense. Because buying out of arrogance – thinking that this attitude alone will make you rich – is not the right way either. This is outrage. We must take the step with the conviction that we will find ways to pay, no doubt, and thus attract the resources in order to do so. Buying something seemingly unattainable just to test your power of attracting things is a gesture that already has the implicit doubt, and you will inevitably fail. But if you want to test yourself, then fall flat on your face – it regenerates itself. But if you fail, later try to do everything you can in order to honor your debts, promises and obligations, otherwise you will attract experiences to learn not letting loose ends, not cheating, not deceiving.

It is also worth remembering that financial boldness is not only about buying what is apparently beyond ones reach. Boldness may be implicit in other gestures, such as giving up something apparently fantastic that, however, is not in accordance to your values or preferences. In such cases, you are also sending a message to the universe that money is no problem, although appearances try to convince you otherwise.

It’s in the small gestures that you reveal yourself! Notice that, to your essence (where you originate from), there are no dualities like Big and Small, Hot and Cold, Tall and Short, Good and Bad, Strong and Weak, Beautiful and Ugly, Happy and Sad, Fast and Slow Before and After. Your actions toward “small” things can have the same impact as similar actions toward “big” things, because what really matters are the primary thoughts that go inside you – originated from your beliefs.

The important thing, here too, is always to follow heart’s genuine feelings, ego-free feelings (just don’t confuse self-esteem with ego – most of the humans think a person with high self-esteem is selfish).

Lets take now the example of a construction company, when it tries to save money on, say, the elevator chosen for the building it is making. At this case, the company is limiting itself and radiating this message of scarcity. It’s okay to use a more affordable lift, as long as it is a good one and fulfills its role, performing beyond what was promised. What is behind a limiting decision is the need to make more money, to save, to spare. And, behind this, it is a limited awareness of scarcity, fear of the future, of wanting to earn more in order to feel safe through the accumulation of reserves. And this is a thought of scarcity that does not match high levels of existence. So if the leaders of this company don’t change their mindset, they will soon attract scarcity, so that they can grow with the experience that is being attracted.

The universe has Laws of cause and effect. It’s part of Relativity.

If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Go the extra mile, do always a good work, deliver your job better than advertised, let go of the unhealthy need for profits, let go of fears…. and abundance will pursue you – as long as you are not squandering your money (which also has its negative implications, as it denotes lack of balance, arrogance and especially lack of Higher Consciousness).

In each gesture, each decision (or absence of it – which is also a decision), you create a future, a new reality, based on your own power to create and attract everything to yourself. Because whether you believe it or not, creating your own future is exactly what you are doing every second, every thought of your life.

You are fully responsible for everything that happens in your life. Ever!!!!

No one is a victim under any circumstances. We are powerful, each one of us.

Be aware that money is just one of the evolutionary challenges that is part of life’s game. But there is no point in overcoming this challenge if it makes you too proud, arrogant, if it makes you feel superior to others just due to your possessions. This achievement will inevitably disturb your evolution as a Being who is just rescuing his/her essence and remembering Who He/She Always Was before entering this game we call life. And so, while you feel superior to your fellow human based only in your possessions, you will automatically be attracting the loss of all the abundance you have gained, which will inevitably happen (in this very existence of yours or in a future one) if you do not change.

Contrary to what is at the mind’s base of a great number of people, money has never been a problem, money never makes someone “dirty” (filthy rich) or bad. It’s just another challenge. The abundance (not only of money) is part of our essence, and the adventure of life is just a play we live in, where we temporarily test ourselves as seemingly inferior to what we have always been. In order to live this adventure, we choose to forget Who We Are in Fact, just to bring heat to the fire, just to bring the game to life.

Feel free to attract money or anything else you want, but without attachment, because it pushes you away from what you want most. Attachment is the result of insecurity, it denotes a primary, powerful, and creative thought that says, “I desperately want that thing, because deep down I know I don’t have it,” or “I am afraid of losing it.” But everything was already given to you, and you just forgot it in order to play a game where you would have a different perspective of yourself and of life — temporarily. In other words, you already have everything — it’s just a matter of TIME to all of that appear in front of you (and such TIME also depends on YOU).

Transcend the illusion!

Don’t focuse on the lack of the things you want. “What you focus on expands.” It is not a matter of PRETENDING you have everything, but KNOWING you have it — even if the things you want didn’t materialize in front of you yet!

Primary thoughts are responsible for creating your future, and when they are rooted deeply in your mind saying “I DON’T HAVE MONEY ENOUGH” or “I AM AFRAID OF LOSING IT”, you are creating a future of scarcity.

Stop needing anything…. and then you will attract that thing to you – or something even better. But, in order to do that, you have to understand that things will show up to you when you are ready to the experience, not necessarily when you want. Don’t push life! Why such a hurry if you are eternal?

Anyway, our biggest challenge in all areas of life is always getting rid of fears. They are the main illusion to overcome. Yes, certain illusions were necessary so that the game of life could take place. But those mirages will not last forever….

When will you wake up?

Know that you have already been born safe, and no matter how hard you suffer, you are “doomed” to enlighten yourself and rescue your essence of abundance in love, finances, joy, peace, and all that is good to you.

But life is in no hurry, for it knows that you have all the time that time has to play, even because time is also an illusion, as powerful as — or even more powerful than — our friend Don Dinero.


And so…. Did you like it? Got curious?   Do you want more?

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Good Luck!


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shati says:

    Wow, what an intuitively and insightful reading. I have been reading the stories while taking breaks to pray. This has come at the right time and divinely guided as I’m preparing myself to manifest infinite abundance, this was definitely confirmation from Higher Source that you have learned your lessons and from now on this is a wake up reminder to always function from a higher source even if your beliefs and thoughts swing from abundance to wealth. I must always be Aware and realise that nothing is as it seems.
    I can’t wait for the book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Linda Judith says:

      Mr money is so interesting and teachable story, it really changed my perspective towords money , especially on how Mr. Money described himself on how people highly value his power.
      “They’re the bosses, but aren’t able to put two and two together.”
      “Don’t be so impressed by what you’ve heard about me, actually I’m nothing of what they say, but I admit I love to pretend I am”.

      This is exactly how people view money!

      And about one of the 5 stories, it’s so moving to see a little dreamer girl lose her life due to her huge dream of changing her world, her pior life.
      “And so she began to dream of changing her life, of evolving , but while that didn’t happen, she used to fantasize about fairy tales, dreaming of a prince who might come to rescue her”… But unfortunately all of that didn’t go well, she died and the dream perished. This is a lesson, but I don’t understand how does the writer say that Eulalia chose to be born in her poor family. How?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jorge Zahell says:

        Hi Linda.
        Sorry for taking so long to answer.
        Why did the girl (from the mentioned story) chose to be born in a specific family (a poor one, in her case)????
        Simply because everyone of us do that. Yes, Linda! We already exist before coming to this world, and that’s why we have to make choices BEFORE coming to this experience we know as LIFE.

        Life after life, before being born here, we (or a higher part of us) choose the exact set of experiences that may give us the best evolutionary opportunities!
        Everyone chooses what’s going to be their next life’s scenario, thus choosing the right family to be born — with their permission in another level, although they won’t remember that on Earth.

        And before being born here, we (or a higher part of us) know the main challenges that should be faced in order to have the best opportunities to overcome distorted beliefs, judgements, wrong values, etc…. and evolve.

        However, each person makes his choices (or is helped to do that) according to their evolutionary level inside this Game of Life — which can take thousands of lives to be “finished”, yet it is but a play.

        Don’t take life so seriously, Linda! Everyone is eternal!

        Well…. This was what THAT GIRL from the mentioned story made. She chose the challenges she thought would be the appropriate ones for her evolution, she had specific goals when picking up that very family.

        Linda…. Nothing happens by chance inside Relativity!

        And if that “poor” girl didn’t overcome some challenges, no problem, she will have infinite opportunities! No one is really poor when observed from a higher standpoint, it’s just a game, Linda.
        By the way, that was a true story — as well as all other stories in this very Blog and in my new book, just released.

        Well… But once in this world, we enter in a game (a mere play) where we forget WHO WE REALLY ARE and we just PRETEND to be a character.
        But hey, we do believe in that (at least while not fully awaken), and THAT IS the purpose of the game: experiencing a different standpoint where we will pretend NOT TO BE what we always were: GOD (a slice of God and simultaneously the whole God Himself/Herself).

        The main purpose of this Blog (and my books) is to spread
        Consciousness in this world.
        Understand that “being TRULY Conscious” (accessing a HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS) means “being aware of Who You Are beyond appearances: an eternal Being having many experiences while you are coming back to the Source who created you (and from which you never truly left, only in appearances)”.

        Enjoy the ride, Linda! It’s amazing, even when it seems to be terrifying! It depends on your standpoint.

        So…. what about choosing the HIGHER standpoint, the one from the Greater Consciousness? Life will be quite easier and happier if you do that, I assure you!

        Do you want to piggyback on my ideas?
        So…. Come with me!!!!
        There’s plenty of material waiting to be read, and YOU are my guest!

        Jorge Zahell

        Liked by 1 person

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